Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The Christmas Countdown is on, only 26 days it says.
Welcome to the weekly WOYWW desk hopping around the world craze by Julia Dunnit.
Yes I have missed 2 weeks of WOYWW, my desk just didnt change.
This is what my craft room has turned into....the weather has been so hot its the most pleasant room to sleep in, notice the tv has come back as well, we are watching tv there in the evenings and then Mr Crafty sleeps here as he cant stand the heat, I dont mind so much. the tables are to the right and I will have space to craft

I'm all confused today, WOYWW isn't up yet and Wednesday will be over for me, I checked and double checked my World Clock to see that it was indeed Wednesday today otherwise I am in deep trouble as I truly questioned myself at what day it was today as I took it off and if it wasn't Wednesday then I have taken off Tuesday from work and not Wednesday off LOL. Julia Dunnit you are messing with my head, I've just started a new job and shift work and my mind could be playing games. It is only 5am in England when it is 4pm here in Australia so I guess WOYWW still has 19 hours to post up and technically still be Wednesday.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday (posted on Tuesday)
I had a birthday on the 8th, my Monday craft group usually celebrates with us and I decided I would try my hand at making Cake Pops mine didnt turn out as nice as Pioneer Woman's but the feedback from MSG said they were nice, I didnt get to eat one as I had to run to get to work.  
Next week I'll post more birthday cards that I have received, you can see the ones I got already over HERE
 Balls ready to rock and roll
The cake pops, unfortunately they didn't all fit in the vase so I had to leave the rest on a plate
No photos of my desk this week because it hasn't changed and I haven'd done anymore to the books I made. Hopefully next week I will get some time to finish them off, although with my new job and the new roster, it looks like a full on week.

Hope over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see more craft peoples week and desk all over the world

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Birthday cards

Birthday time again and thanks to the following ladies for my gorgeous cards I have received from my online group friends
Gwenyth Zwaan-BSL

Margaret Ashby-Stamphappy

Nicholie Tran-Stamphappy

Pam Prosser sent me 2, one from each group

Rachel Greig-Stamphappy
Thank you ladies for making my day

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WOYWW #179

What's on your WorkTOPdesk Wednesday according to Jozart <tee hee>
WOYWW is famous again thanks to Jozart who went on BBC radio talk show with Sean Styles to talk about our Worktops as she called it. Found out we went famous again from Julia's post.
48 more days to Christmas!!
I came downstairs this morning to take my weekly show and tell photo and stepped on this disaster!!! I knew it would happen eventually but didn't expect it to be this soon WAAAAHHHHH. It was only just the other day that I thought I'd better strengthen the ends where the dowling sticks hung up
On the weekend I went to Mogo which is a tiny little settlement about 2.5hrs drive towards the coast to do a Booked and Bound class at Amanda's of Mogo. The classes were held at the Gold Rush Colony which is a historical 1850s theme park and accommodation. My desk above shows the 4 books I made. The black and silver one to the left was titled Double Concertina, green and morone one to the middle was titled Tags and Pockets, the off white with blue ribbon stitching to the front called Japanese Stab Binding which I noticed had incorrect stitching that is now fixed and the Fashion Plate one to the right still in plastic packaging to be completed (I will have photos of the complete book next week) and close ups.
This is where we crafted and crafted and crafted
I accidentaly started photographing in monochromatic-now you see why I call this place a dungeon-in black and white it looks like one hahahahah. I didnt get a chance to visit any of you last week, now you know why, I promise to visit all those that came by my next last week and those who will visit this week as well. I will also have some great news to share next week.
I thought I'd share this with you all as its a great concept in recycling

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