Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WOYWW #278 and Cold Remedy Recipe

So here is my work desk, I took the project off my desk and had to do a sweeping photo so you couldn't make out the stuff I was using to create my 'secret' project. The tv is one my brother gave to me and sits right on the end of my crafting table so I can watch as I craft. 
 The buffet and hutch above
 Another buffet single layer near the computer desk
The extendable dining table and most comfy chairs

 The new furniture quickly turned into a new photographic studio lol, the old one HERE can only be used when the sun is at a certain point, so no night photos. This new area has light coming in from the garage door or the flourescent light above all hours so its ideal and a larger area.
Some of you may have seen the picture and caption below on my post yesterday, and because all the Northern Hemisphere are coming into winter so I thought I'd share it again.
I made this cold and cough drink which consists of slices of lemon, fill jar with honey to cover lemons, add about a 2inch size of ginger sliced. When you want to make a hot drink scoop out a spoonful into a cup and add hot water. Voila infused ginger, lemon and honey drink to sooth that sore throat. We are coming out of our flu season and going into spring but I drink a cup of this a day all year round to keep bugs away from me and build my immune system up for the next winter season. Store in fridge, keeps up to 3 months if there is any left hahaha. Below is what it looks like after a few weeks in the fridge. Be sure to scoop the honey from the bottom as well.

Last week I posted up a photo of our library errrm hubby's library and  had some interesting comments that I'd like to will be pleased to know the cook books have their own shelf now, eye level to me. 

Another comment was the way we displayed my painting, it is so heavy it wont survive going on a wall so we had to find an easel for it.

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