Thursday, May 29, 2014

WOYWW #260


Fifth Anniversary of this craft desk phenomenon.
I loved all the badges and couldn't make a decision so I got them all LOL
I first started way back in September 28, 2011 and continued for 90 entries
on another blog of mine as this one hadn't started yet.
My desk/craft room still hasn't changed since last weeks update but I have a good excuse.
We went camping, rustic style as one of my friends commented on my facebook page.
My brother and his family invited us and it was the first time I had camped rustically LOL
I enjoyed it thoroughly even the visiting cows who eyed us warily as to why these strange looking creatures have invaded their home.
Unbeknownst to me my brother took this photo of me cooking, I love this silhouette photo of Michael and I. Next weekend we go camping again as it's the Queen's birthday holiday weekend.
Yes we celebrate the Queen's birthday here and get a holiday for it.
I am hoping that Flat Susan will be here in time for us to take her on a camping trip, I believe this will be her first camping trip.  Flat Susan is run by Neet of Hickorydorums  
one of our WOYWW deskers.
So unfortunately I dont have ATC to swap as I have nothing to make them with at the moment, definitely will take part next year though.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WOYWW #258

Well I have been missing in action for quite a while now but I have a good reason for it.
My last desk was 10 weeks ago wow how time has flown.
We've successfully moved with a few hiccups but it's all good now and this is the state of my craft room which I should add is twice the size of my last one which was 2 meters x 3 meters (8x12 feet)
This one is now 8 meters by 11 meters (26 x 36 feet).
When I first saw it I said to hubby "this room is too big", he rolled his eyes as he knows well how big is never too big for crafting.

 Another view
 Michael can also have a desk in the corner, what a mess!! Paper shelves still waiting to be filled
 My corner desk with computer and my brother gave me his tv so I can watch downstairs when Michael goes to bed upstairs. or just watch tv while I am crafting
 To the far right  is a room that has shelves and no windows which I will use to store my jam, perfect room. We shall also grow mushrooms in there too. The room with the door open is the toilet and bathroom.
 As you can see it is an ironing room too, I don't mind as its so big and I haven't totally unpacked yet, I counted 70 boxes still left to unpack
 This corner was used as a kitchen by the previous tenants, it is also the laundry too
Looking from the laundry side towards the back of the room, my desk is at the far right corner under the window. Michaels desk is to the left corner or the middle of the picture under the light to the left. The unpacking is slow going because I had to start work a week after we moved in. So I am unpacking a little bit at a time whenever I get a spare moment.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday

Yes I have been missing in action and the reason why is explained in tomorrow's WOYWW post.

Here is my post for Elizabeth's T for Tuesday meme

We have an egg farm near us and I love going there to get fresh eggs, they also stock milk in the 1 litre bottles which I love as they have handles, but today they didnt have my favourite bottle. However I did find this glass bottle with real milk, un homogenised which will only last till 16 May but hey hubby has never had real fresh milk in Australia so  I really got it for him. I use tea in my milk so I didnt miss out.

Then I bought myself a mothers day gift. I had always wanted a tea pod maker like the coffee ones but have never seen any tea pods and the machine was $119 which was too much for me. Today it was on sale for $49 and it was for Breast Cancer fundraising so I got this one , that's what the pink ribbon no the side is for. I also found the pod caddy that turns so had to get that. I will have to get some coffee pods when my craft room is ready for my coffee friends. I will report next week how it is.

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