Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WOYWW #208 ----4th Anniversary Queanbeyan Newspaper writeup

What's on Your My Work Desk
Thank you Nikki for the above badge
4th Anniversary is here!!!
It all started HERE!
And this is how were celebrate it HERE!

Last week I tried my hardest to visit as many desks as I could and I succeeded in visiting 169 blogs, took me 2 days to achieve that. 
 Found this tin of Tetley tea at Aldi's the other day and just had to have it for the quote, I'm going to make it a point to collect stuff with this KEEP CALM quote now as I've seen a few good ones. My friend Ellen gave me that cute post it note holder and 2 stamps I bought on the weekend of a koala and bbq sauce. Always wanted to make bbq sauce so now I have a stamp hahaha
Stuff I have purchased and haven't had time to unpack lol
Newspaper article I appeared in earlier this month on a story they ran of the store that my friend Ann-Maree runs and that I design and teach classes at. Here is the newspaper link to read the article better.

I am playing ATCs swap so whoever is after me will get my ATC, also Annie put her hand up to swap with me.

Race over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see more desks, ATCs and fun around the worlds desks.
I found this no knead bread on Ozark Mountain Family Homestead whose blog I've been following for awhile, this bread is cool to make but I'll let you watch the video for all the cool tips she shares

Finally I love perfectly timed photos, 
click HERE to see some amazing ones

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WOYWW #207 Die storage

What's on Your My Work Desk Wednesday
Next week is the 4th anniversary of this work desk sharing and we are making an ATC to share. Last year I made over 100 to share with anyone who was interested. This year I am a little occupied  with Design Team commitments as well as studying for a course for my work. You can read all about the ATC 4th anniversary and instructions HERE.
So I still can't share my desk with you because I have nothing on it LOL but I can share with you how I store my Spellbinders Dies


I was introduced to these DVD cases a year ago by Lana Murray from K.I.S.S. and it's been one of the best storage systems I've invested in. I cut out all the dies so I have something to go on as to what the designs look like IRL. I was gobsmacked and amazed at some of the dies and what they looked like after I cut them out.
I haven't put magnetic strips to hold the dies in the cases yet, still thinking about it, as the magnets are quite heavy and I am wondering if I can fit 2 sets of dies in one case. I have found this system works best for me as I quite often transport my dies to retreats/craft days etc.
I cut the packets the dies come in and stick them to the spine of the DVD cases for reference. Check out Becca Feeken's die storage system, she goes one step further and colour codes them.

I've pre cut the waxed paper in various sizes that I use to cut out the delicate dies with. In Australia it is only available at Coles supermarkets
My daughters surprised me with a visit for Mother's Day, I had to go out and left this note for them.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WOYWW #206 Olloclip and new point and shoot

What's on Your My Work desk Wednesday

Last Friday the announcement I had been waiting for came through on the Spellbinders Blog to say I had qualified for Round 2 of the 2013-2014 Spellbinders Design Team.

I am excited beyond recognition, to say the least. The excitement gave me a massive headache for the day, I was so disoriented I took the dishes to the toilet instead of the kitchen sink. I had tried out last year and didn't get past Round 1 but I vowed never to give up as I love my Spellbinders Dies ever since I set my eyes on them in 2008.

You can see all 37 successful applicants HERE.

Now to buckle down and design for Round 2.

In March I became a member of Spellbinders International Blog Ambassadors Team, designing for their new International Flair Section called Explore Beyond.

Of course I can't show my desk but I will show you my new toy, its an Olloclip and is a lens for your IPHONE. I first saw amazing photos taken by Teresa Franco using her IPHONE using the  Olloclip and just had to have one. The detail on the macro setting is amazing. It also has wideangle and fisheye. I can see I am going to have some fun with this new toy that fits into my handbag.

Then a few days later my Nikon point and shoot died on me....what did I do wrong!!! So off I went yesterday to find me a Canon Point and Shoot. I almost didn't know what to get, there were too many choices. So my decision was based on picture quality and full HD video capacity and low light perfect shots and was sold on the
Canon Powershot S110. These 3 criteria fulfilled the requirements of when I shoot in my dungeon, as I do a lot of photos with my point and shoot more than my DSLR (for now).
It has 12 mega pixels, 5x zoom and the picture quality is awesome, even looking through the screen which is HUGE is awesome, I am no longer shooting blind. It comes in black and white, I chose white just to be different LOL so I could find it in my handbag. It is so intelligent I am scared of it lol. It has touch screen capabilities which scared the heebeegeebees out of me. It also has manual control like a DSLR.
12.1 Megapixels High-Sensitivity CMOSFull HD

HS System3.0Low Light
So I'm off to study this new camera of mine in between crafting,
If you'd like to see what I design on my desk, run over to my 

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day, I had a brilliant one thanks to my daughters who surprised me by coming down after work, they live 3 hours drive from me so its very precious time I have with them when they can make it.

Julia's Stamping Ground will show you more desks around the world. Anniversary ATC coming up in WOYWW #208-are you ready?  
Yes I have changed the colour of my blog, the black background doesn't work and I found that out when I visit a lot of black background blogs, it is impossible to view and seems to fade into oblivion while I am reading. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WOYWW #205

What's on Your My Work Desk Wednesday
 I can never show one desk because I use more than one, the above desk had all my Spellbinders so I could see what I could use in one of my projects. Sorry I can't show you what the project is just yet.

This desk had all the cutouts so I could choose which one suited the layout best. 
This one is near the cutting area that I had all the dies I was using, stack of papers, in the background is the photographic area which becomes the storage area.

I harvested our pumpkins last week and forgot to show them. 1 butternut and the rest are Queensland Blue, as well as persimmons on a tree I had given up for dead hahaha
3 tonnes of firewood got delivered, not very pretty so I am keeping the other lot for my photography backdrop but these ones will keep us warm this winter, I am so excited to be having a fireplace in the house that has a grate on top to be able to cook on.
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WOYWW # 204

What's on Your My Work Desk Wednesday
I cannot believe its May already!
The photographic woodpile shrunk, it got so cold here last week we had to use half the pile, but I rescued these as the ones we ordered aren't as pretty for photographic purposes, the black stand in front of it will be my photographic prop, covered up of course.
I decided to showcase my computer desk which is upstairs. I didnt want it down in my craft room, otherwise I would hear the pinging and get distracted from my crafting concerntration.
The laptop is eye level and so is the second screen, I love using two screens. Post it notes to remind me of things, jar of tooth pick and lip balm under the second screen. Clock so I can remember life goes on  outside of the computer LOL. I also use the computer to do my work course so its good to have it upstairs. White pillow at my feet to keep my feet warm. One cup of tea and one cup of honey and lemon-my favourite drink in winter to keep the cold away. The drawer under is full of stuff as it is too low for the keyboard.
Reminder: More so for myself that May 29th is the anniversary of WOYWW #208, we are making an ATC to celebrate. Check out Julia's blog here to read all about it if you want to participate and get creating-myself included.

Surprise!!! Last night I had friends around to craft and this is the result, tables ready for the visitors

I had to make a new photographic station to the left as the light is just above it. There are the two desks laid out ready to play with 3 other friends, we had lots of laughs and they made 2 cards each.
Of course I can't always show you what I am creating as it is a secret until published by Spellbinders or the local Craft store I design for Craftyas but the projects I can show will be published on my Craft Blog

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