Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WOYWW # 204

What's on Your My Work Desk Wednesday
I cannot believe its May already!
The photographic woodpile shrunk, it got so cold here last week we had to use half the pile, but I rescued these as the ones we ordered aren't as pretty for photographic purposes, the black stand in front of it will be my photographic prop, covered up of course.
I decided to showcase my computer desk which is upstairs. I didnt want it down in my craft room, otherwise I would hear the pinging and get distracted from my crafting concerntration.
The laptop is eye level and so is the second screen, I love using two screens. Post it notes to remind me of things, jar of tooth pick and lip balm under the second screen. Clock so I can remember life goes on  outside of the computer LOL. I also use the computer to do my work course so its good to have it upstairs. White pillow at my feet to keep my feet warm. One cup of tea and one cup of honey and lemon-my favourite drink in winter to keep the cold away. The drawer under is full of stuff as it is too low for the keyboard.
Reminder: More so for myself that May 29th is the anniversary of WOYWW #208, we are making an ATC to celebrate. Check out Julia's blog here to read all about it if you want to participate and get creating-myself included.

Surprise!!! Last night I had friends around to craft and this is the result, tables ready for the visitors

I had to make a new photographic station to the left as the light is just above it. There are the two desks laid out ready to play with 3 other friends, we had lots of laughs and they made 2 cards each.
Of course I can't always show you what I am creating as it is a secret until published by Spellbinders or the local Craft store I design for Craftyas but the projects I can show will be published on my Craft Blog

Waltz over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see more desks.


Nan G said...

Nice computer set up! Good looking yummies await your visitors...lucky thems! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #5

Create With Joy said...

Love your set-up - what fun you must have had!

Happy WOYWW to you Bridget!

Create With Joy 11 & 12

Claire said...

I swear I wasn't stalking Julia, honest :)
and when can we all come and play?? you have the most wonderful crafting space!!
happy WOYWW and have a wonderful week!
no. 1 again - how did that happen??

Sandy said...

Its always fun when friends come around and get crafty, great space.. Will have to go to the link to see the cards..
Sandy :) #30

Sunshine Girl said...

Love your set up for your crafty friends and that log pile is going to make a fabulous back drop isn't it! Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl 31.

Jackie said...

Love your crafting space great for crafty friend get togethers
Jackie 7

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh your crafting evening sounds like a blast! Lucky you to have such a large wonderful crafty area! Happy WOYWW! And yes, I can watch the TV from my desk behind my sofa! LOL!

Belinda Basson said...

Wishing I lived closer so I could come nosy in person! So much to see and do in your room. Lucky friends to play there! #55

Helen said...

What a fab space and impressive computer set up! It is lovely to craft with friends, I am sure you had a great time. Helen, 3 Oh and the wood is still beautiful!!

Ria Gall said...

Hi Bridget
I love your log pile they look fantastic, I am a real wood lover.
You seem all organised in your computer room and I like you think it should be two seperate rooms
Happy WOYWW #204 and enjoy the rest of your week
Ria #44

MaxineD said...

What a busy lady you are with work, courses, card making and a home to run! Love the wood pile photographs.

Neil said...

Good morning, just popping in to say Hi.
Loving your world this morning; still love those logs! Bet you had fun with the group too.

Hope you have a fun week.
Neil # 22

Gaby said...

You have a great space and it's so nice to craft with friends!
Happy WOYWW!

okienurse said...

Love the workspace down stairs and the computer desk up stairs...lots of fun stuff to look at. Great looking logs to photograph. I enjoy seeing what people make when they slice those pieces thin. Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #41

Julia Dunnit said...

Good lordy, you are geared up for comfort! I know what you mean about the computer distraction thing! Love tha tyou lay out some nibbles for your crafty friends..look..strawberries.mmmmmmmm

scrappyjen said...

you have a fabulous work space! happy woyww jenx

Angie said...

So much crafting space ...and an amazing computer space too lucky thing. I am glad you saved some of the pretty wood xx68

glitterandglue said...

How great to have sufficient room for three friends as well. Glad you had such fun. Your space is HUGE!
Have a great week.
Margaret #79

Shaz Brooks said...

Great workspace you have. And completely agree about the Honey & lemon. My Mother used to make jugfuls with real lemons copped up, boiling water & a few spoons of honey. I still make it myself too in winter. Beats the heck out of bought honey & lemon drinks. My Dad liked to add ground ginger to his- really nice, but I add a few shavings off a ginger root to mine, then strain it out. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #81

Karen Ives said...

Fantastic workspace, so much to look at.
Karen #52

scrappystickyinkymess said...

SNAP. I have a two monitor set up but both on the same computer. Does yours work like mine? The two monitors act like just one, so I can drag stuff from one to the other. Love that :) Also the pinging! I will be mid-craft, and then BLOOP, and I am mid-whirl to face the Mac before I even realize it. DOH!

Happy WOYWW! Getting an early start, for me :)

MA (2)

Diana Taylor said...

What a great computer station - it looks like you've got absolutely everything there that you might possibly need! I love the crafting room too - what a fabulous amount of space you have!
Thanks so much for visiting - hope you have a great week.

fairy thoughts said...

My aren't you organised this week. Love the work station. So much space :)

Kim's Creations said...

Awesome work space, so much room!

Maisie Moonshine said...

Your desk looks like a great place to create and all that space for play dates too! Have a great week MMx #56

Eliza said...

Hi, I think your wood pile is perfect for photographs, so much colour in the wood and so appealing to the eye. Like usual an excellent setup for people to come and play, looks like I might have to make a trip that way soon to do just that. LOL

Eliza & Yoda 126

Krisha said...

Great spaces. Two monitors would be a dream come true, but then again I would like to just have space to put my lap top on my work station...LOL
Krisha #36

Gita said...

How fun to have friends over for a craft night. Brigita #130

House of Bears said...

Cool corner desk, nice to see you had snacks out ready for your crafting guests too. Thanks for visiting the bears today.

Caro said...

I love the use of the comfy pillow under the computer desk! You have such a lovely lots of space for your craft lovely. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#70)

MvM-design said...

Thanks for visiting my desk.
Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Hugs Marleen #6

tangledpen said...

very very awesome work space!!! great to have two screens - I hope I'll invest in that one day.
Looks like you had a fun craft time with your friends :)
Happy greetings, Jana 108

Regina Hamilton said...

Great crafting area with some yummies. have a great time. Thanks for stopping by. #10

~Sue C said...

Thanks for the tease! lol! The food goodies look yummy. Great fun happening in that room, I just know it. Happy Wednesday!

Ali H said...

How brilliant to have the room all set up for crafting with friends ! Looks like a veritable art retreat !! Have a great week Ali #4

My name is Cindy said...

Oh Bridget what a great play space you have!! I'm envious!! (grin)

Thanks for stopping by, Cindy

Carole said...

WOW you have a wonderful playroom...I wanna come and play too!
Serious that is a great space and so joyful to share.

Spyder said...

WOW what a fantastic space you have, I agree with everyone, when can we all come and play?? Have a great crafty week
HapPy WoYwW!?!

((Lyn)) #142


G'day Bridget
I'm running late for WOYWW as I work evenings Wednesdays and Thursdays but here I am. Thanks for dropping by my blog. GREAT art area you have indeed. My room is ssssooo small and only one desk fits in there. Hope you and your friends have fun
Annette In Oz

Meihsia Liu said...

What a fun and great work space. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

April Story said...

It looks like a great place create beautiful things. April #122

Shoshi said...

Aww Bridget, thank you for your lovely comment! thanks for your good wishes for our move - I remember what short notice you had for yours, and I couldn't imagine at the time how you managed it! Your new room is amazing and looks well lived in now. I love the beautiful red logs - what sort of wood is that? Very photographic!!

I'm sorry not to be able to take part in the anniversary ATC swap this time - is it really a year since the last one? All my stuff is packed away and also I'm too busy with packing etc.

Glad you like the design for our new kitchen! I'll be doing before, during and after photos of all the work being done and it will go on my blog. I'm super excited. I just wish the solicitor for the other side would speed things along a bit and stop causing delays.


Shoshi said...

Thanks for your second comment, Bridget, and for your reply to my first. Great logs, fabulous colour!

Thanks for your lovely comment about my latest Zentangle effort. Funnily enough, this evening I decided to email the company and send them some photos of what I'd done! There was an email address on the side of the box. I wonder what they will think? (I complimented them on the design of their packaging, and also, of course, on the delicious food!)


Kyla said...

Crafting with friends, the best way to craft.

Happy belated WOYWW and thanks for visiting my desk already

kyla #63

Jan said...

Great setup. Wish I was cropping at your place.