Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WOYWW #178

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday and 54 days till Christmas!!
That is a scary thought...are you all prepared?
I have a new name for my craft room...I call it the "Dungeon" because its located downstairs. I have never lived in a house with a 'downstairs room', and it reminds me of a dungeon.
This is the food corner in my craft room, that bottle of red stuff is non alcoholic grape juice, I don't drink liquor, wish I could sometimes, just don't like the taste.
My ribbon section, I came downstairs this morning to find the dowling sticks had come off their perch and all the ribbons had fallen off, lol, back to thinking of a new system to hang them up again...NAILS
My tool corner and shelves displaying the items I make and receive
My Grand Calibur and Bigshot desk. Of course this is not the completion of my craft room as I am constantly changing stuff around, although it doesn't look like it
Desk ready for Tuesday night stamping with the girls last night. As I still haven't unpacked my 30+ craft boxes, decorating CDs is the only thing I can do at the moment or crochet my towel toppers. Those paper plates and cups aren't for munchies, they are to hold the CDs when they have resin on them. After years of making these CDs and having them topple over I suddenly had an idea to apply some double sided tape the cups and adhere them to the plate to stop it from wobbling over and all my hard work going down the drain. 
I tried to take the picture <above left> standing on a chair, the chair toppled over and I fell down and took the picture on the right on my way down LOL, it wasn't funny then but it is funny now that I see the photos and remembered my very unladylike fall. I think I twisted a few things in my side as its aching but nothing was broken. I did fall gracefully I might add as I was able to manoeuvre my fall.

This is the close-up of CDs that I have decorated. I will be doing classes in my new craft room teaching these, as it is now the season to do them. They can't be made in autumn or winter so they are a seasonal craft.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WOYWW #177

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday and 9 more weeks till Christmas!!

Not much progress this week because I was ill last weekend, made an improvised punch holder along the tops of the shelves. Table and chairs arrived from a work colleague.
Made some curtains to hide under table mess and storage. Put up rods to hold ribbons
There is more cardstock than there are paper shelves to house them LOL. I can put up 3 tables to hold classes if I chose to go down that route again, have had enquires about when I will start again
Boxes in garage down to my level now so I can open and unpack
Mr Crafty finally widdled down his CD collection to this. Lovely view out the window of the Brindabella mountains but the sun glare got in the way. I'll get a better picture of the view next time. The dining table will probably be the place to craft when I am on my own or when friends come around to craft and its too cold down in the dungeon tee hee.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WOYWW #176

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday

Sadly I have lost my tv that was on the dining/craft table in previous WOYWW pictures in the old house but I did hear Mr Crafty say we need a bigger tv as mine is too small in the large family it now sits in WOOHOO. He also promised that he would get me 2 cupboards to store (hide) stuff in so I could craft upstairs in the dining room when friends come over.
After 8 hours on the weekend this is as far as I got unpacking, this is the left side of the room, looking in from the door. Stamps and ink pads on those shelves to the left, white cupboard is still empty. Tools will be on the first table in the far corner
Middle of the room. It has changed somewhat since I took those pictures as I am progressing with the unpacking. The very far right blue looking table above the photographic tent is my coffee corner.
Rich side of the room, paper shelves are too small now that I have found heaps of boxes of cardstock I didnt know I had hahahaha
Remember my dining/craft table? Well look what Mr Crafty has done to it after telling me that I can't put my craft stuff there!!! He did feel sorry for me trudging up and down 16 stairs so he did say he would get me the 2 cupboards and I could 'occasional' craft upstairs.
Getting there slowly, still another 30 boxes to unpack-sigh-
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WOYWW #175

Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday.
Well I had to miss last week because it was uplift day for our moving house. I still dont have any internet at home but am using my iphone as a hotspot to do this.
Craft stuff to the left side of the room, all those shelves black,blue, green hold stamps. Paper shelves are empty, they are in the milk crates behind the cupboard
This is the state of my new craft room, right hand side, tables, desks and shelves all over the place
I am in a dilemma here, this desk was supposed to  be where the stamp shelves where but now to have to move all of them before the desk can be moved over.
These 26 boxes hold all the stuff you saw in my previous WOYWW pictures, they are in the garage along with more shelves and guess what else the removalists put in here!! Our tv remote!!! What a cockup, that should have gone in our priority box grrrr, so now its getting up and changing the tv at the tv and only able to view 2 channels. The rest of the house is unpacked thank goodness. 

A little bit about the new house, it is huge, much bigger than the old one and so much space and I have a room of my own to craft in that is 25 x 20 feet. The backyard is also huge and has the following trees: olive, loquat, 2 lemon trees, grapevine, apple, pear and 2 fig trees. I've started to collect jars from everyone in preparation of making jams. I have given away loads of lemons already. There is also a pizza oven outside. Our first attempt at lighting a fire didnt work out hahaha, we were all ready to make pizza dough.

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