Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WOYWW #151

Did you miss me?
I do have a WOYWW this week. 
There was too much drama last week between hubby and I taking it
in turns to spend a full day each at the hospital.
Him with his knee and not being able to walk much
and me with chest pains, they can't find anything that caused it so far
(I suspect its stress from his knee-see we do share the love!!)
Also my desk didn't change much, so I had nothing new to share.

 So my desk started off like this when I cleaned it up ready for some craft
 friends to come around last night for our monthly craft evening, 

I was stamping up Magnolia images so I can learn to colour in.
  When I cleared that off the food appeared, those interesting biscuits on the cheese platter
are wafers made from beetroot and mint and sweet potato.
The downside to all the is food is if no one eats it I have to eat it all, 
hubby does not like stuff like this, he thinks its dainty food
There are chocolates in the jar . They are from Coco Black and to die for and not cheap either, you will be pleased to know I've had those chocolates since Easter and the jar is still full.
 This is what was on my space to do LOL
Those packets of micro beads turned into these ready for my over 55's class

 Coffee and tea is served, urn large enough to feed the neighbourhood
 Penelope brought over this gorgeous card and lent me the stamps
to stamp up so I could make my own card
Very productive night hahaha lots of chatting and not much crafting
These ladies are on my wish list from

Hop over to Mrs Dunnit's place to see more exotic desks,
I am aiming to visit everyone this week, wish me luck!!

Oh WOYWW #156 is an ATC swap if you'd like to participate
Mrs Dunnits post here explains it.
I cant wait to play, if any of you want one, leave me a comment
so I know how many I am making and email me your postal address.
Week #156 is 30th May

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friday Fences #29

I tried to get to the Canberra Arboretum to take some photos
but they only open once a month to drive up in a car.
I wasn't game enough to take that long walk up the hill.
I do know there is a beauty to behold when I make it up there on open
day one day.

However I did find this on the road halfway up,
a fence of some sort holding some bricks.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WOYWW #149

 Well not much changed on my desk except maybe a little messier than 
last weeks, food specially for 505Whimsygirl Kay.
The food on offer this week is
Singapore noodles
Malaysian Beef curry
Honey Chicken
She must have been hungry cos she came looking for food on my desk
but sadly last week there was non lol.
Behind the food is an easel card given to me by my Secret Sister.
on the blue tissue is my Pay it Forward from Famfa Busy ButterFingers
Thank you, I am still trying to work out which one is Easter holidays
Did do some zentangle whilst away, the purple one is Mr Crafty. 
In comparison I mentioned to him that mine was quite organised
and his was quite busy. Must be what our brains are all about lol
P.s. taken both photos with my point and shoot, the new baby
isn't cooperating with wide areas to photograph.

For some reason I have a lot of traffic from Shoshi's blog,
I must go visit to see what she has said behind my back this time LOL

Go and visit some more messy desks at Jans

p.s.s. did any of you win the $656 Mega Millions?
Just checking!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Cutie Patootie

My 6 month old niece Kiana.
I put this toy on her head and she didn't even try to shake it off,
gave me enough time to crank up the Nikon Coolpix to get this shot


WOYWW #148

 Shoshi Made me do it, visit her blog, she is very talented for a newbie
I love how she designs outside the square 'literally', I love that!
Thanks Shoshi, my husband is going to have a word with you for introducing another craze but then again he may not as he said he could do that too so woohoo, we can share a craft together

The design on the left is a Celtic knot, the one on the right is Betweed and some circles
If you want to know more about it here are some websites:
Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas
started this craze
What is Zentangle?

Visit more mess at Julia's

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mushroom edible or deadly

Found this mushroom at the Arboretum Canberra
hubby yelled out 'Don't touch it, it might be poison'
so out went the zoom lens to capture this shot in the shadows

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. Clouds
I get to see some incredible clouds where we live, this one was one of them.
When I actually learn to use my DSLR properly I will be able to
take even better shots to show the gorgeous clouds
2. Sun flare
This photo was taken with the Nikon Coolpix Point and shoot before I got the DSLR, the sun was glaring out of the evening sky. its the closest I've gotten to a sun flare, I was told you cant point the camera towards the sun directly or you'll ruin the lens!
3. Seven
I had taken this photo to complain about the delivery that was dumped at our letterbox but forgot all about it, I noticed the photo had taken the No. 7 letter box as well
4. High Angle
Took this shot from above at the prolific and healthy mint plant after hubby over fertilized it and it had died, then all of a sudden every dead pot of mint (11 in all) was growing like mad
5. Low Angle
This is the pebbles at work, I had to lie flat on the ground to get this shot when I was waiting for hubby to finish work.
Check out more interpretations of this weeks Scavenger Hunt Sunday at Ashley Sisk's blog
Next weeks themes are
Obvious (hmm this one is a one I have to ponder how to interpret)


This is part of the playground outside our house.
Found this beautiful reflection on our morning walk and had to race
back home to get the camera. The water was very calm and smooth.
It would make a nice ice skating rink if it froze over.

Beautiful Rose

Found this rose at the back of the fence behind our house.
I'ts a public area and our very green fingered neighbour planted
them there so we have some beautiful blooms.
Canon EOS  600D
F/6.3 1/60sec. ISO-200 0 step 250mm
Metering Mode-pattern
(not sure what all of the above means just yet but someone else might know)