Friday, September 27, 2013

Orange you glad its Friday #57

This sea of orange tulips can be found at our annual flower festival called Floriade. There are over 450,000 planted for this event each year. At the end of the festival the volunteers get to take home the bulbs and the flowers get taken to hospitals and retirement homes. 

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Random 5 Friday

1. Each year around this time we have a flower festival called Floriade here and people from all over Australia come to visit and see all the beautiful flowers that have been planted for this occasion. Then there is the traditional gnome painting and I came across this boatload of gnome rowers that were just the cutest.

2. Still getting used to working full time and short work on a rotating 7 day roster. Been spending my days off catching up on sleep.

3. Enjoying having my husband back home after he worked away from home for the last two weeks, it strange how you get used to having them here then not having them here then having them back again. Either style is cramped lol.

4., Missing my daughters and realising that I won't be able to see my eldest as often as she has moved interstate and its a 15 hour drive.

5. Enjoying chilling out and not feeling terrible about having time to myself or worrying about stuff that needs doing, it will get done and I will survive.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WOYWW #225

I have been AWOL from desk hopping for a few weeks because I've had nothing to show as I haven't been creating but busy getting used to working full time on a rotating 7 day roster.
I went down to my craft room dundgeon this morning and found my desk as I had left it a month ago lol. Pringles containers saved to make something with, Spellbinders dies I have to pack into their containers, new papers I bought yesterday for Christmas projects.

I did want to share our beautiful annual flower show called Floriade that is held in the first month of spring. A sea of tulips are amongst the many beds of bulbs planted especially for this festival.
Amongsth this bed of white flowers was a blob of red, I dont know if it was deliberate or a mistake and someone go the colours wrong but it looked beautiful.
I believe they are planted at different times so they bloom throughout the whole month of September as some bulbs were close and some fully open.
The week before I tried to go and take photographs but had to sit in the car for an hour in pouring rain and drove back home. This is what the weather looked like outside my car. This guys umbrella didnt stay like that for long and a strong wind came and blew his umbrella upside down.

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Wordless Wednesday, Floriade

This is the scene at our annual flower show Floriade, people taking photos of the gorgeous flowers. I couldn't resist and took a photo of this lady who was as colourful as the flowers themselves.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

T is for Tuesdays

We went to our famous Annual Floriade Flower show on Saturday. The tea on the left is a white tea and doesn't have any tannin. The tea on the right is a sweeter tea and is really yummy, I will see if I can find some cinnamon and add to it to make apple cinnamon tea which I love and cant find here but I tried it in the US. 

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

T for Tuesday

I love my mugs, especially ones with writing on them and this one I bought from our annual craft show. I normally only see this quote with coffee

 The only downside is the black inside, I don't like black inside my cups because I can't see how strong my tea is when it is brewed. The cup on the right was brewing a Forests Fruit cuppa.
I usually drink all my tea with milk except the Asian teas, I think as is, without sugar or milk. Well this Forest fruit tea was a disaster with milk LOL. On the left I saved some to drink as is, on the right I added milk, it does not taste nice with milk and looks gross LOL
This is the new range and they are yummy. Next week I will show you the yummiest tea I have found IMHO.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

T is for Tuesdays

I think I have found a replacement for my broken teacup for my favourite teapot. I found it in my teacup cupboard, its not the same design but the same size so I am lucky. At one stage I was into wide mouthed cups and they were bone China so the tea tasted lovely. Now that Early grey loose leaf tea I got from Aldi's is not nice, will never be the same as Twinings Earl Grey. I loved the tin it came in but this will be the one and only I will buy from Aldi again, as you can see the tea is very pale (I like dark strong tea). Putting more tea leaf makes tea bitter so I try and avoid that.
The tea towel in the background was from my mother, bless her heart but would be nice if it was tea themed as I dont drink coffee. Which brings me to the point that I can find lots of stuff with coffee on it but hardly any with tea, harrumpf. I think I am too English for Australia hahahhahaa.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

T is for Tuesdays

 Love my vegemite and avocado morning toast that my daughter showed me
  I love collecting tins, these were from a tea shop called T2 that I love to browse in and smell the aromas and try their tea out.
Just showing you a comparison on last weeks cups with a miniature cup I also had and my hand in there for size comparison. I have started the coin collection in the humongous mug. A $2 and $1 coin to the left shows the size of the inside of the mug and later I found a purse with gold coins and 3 x $50 notes I had give to my daughter to take her cousins out to lunch last weekend and she didn't use it all-cheap lunch they had on $20 for 8 kids
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