Friday, September 27, 2013

Random 5 Friday

1. Each year around this time we have a flower festival called Floriade here and people from all over Australia come to visit and see all the beautiful flowers that have been planted for this occasion. Then there is the traditional gnome painting and I came across this boatload of gnome rowers that were just the cutest.

2. Still getting used to working full time and short work on a rotating 7 day roster. Been spending my days off catching up on sleep.

3. Enjoying having my husband back home after he worked away from home for the last two weeks, it strange how you get used to having them here then not having them here then having them back again. Either style is cramped lol.

4., Missing my daughters and realising that I won't be able to see my eldest as often as she has moved interstate and its a 15 hour drive.

5. Enjoying chilling out and not feeling terrible about having time to myself or worrying about stuff that needs doing, it will get done and I will survive.

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Snap said...

i love those gnomes ... they made me laugh! chilling out and relaxing is good. have a lovely week.

Rose said...

I always tell myself, we will way or the other. And it a fact.

Veronica Roth said...

What the heck is! That's a brilliant little display of gnomes. I've never seen anything like that and it sure does put a smile on one's face. I mean, you can't help but smile seeing something like this. :) Just showed it to my daughter and she burst out laughing too. Thanks for that uplifting photo Bridget.

Ida said...

Oh my those little Gnomes made me smile. Super cute.
My hubby is rarely away from home and when he is it feels really weird.
Your daughters are beautiful. I just noticed their photo in your sidebar. I bet it will be hard being so far away from one of them.

Nancy said...

I have my hubby back home after being gone 5 weeks -- I'm used to it as he travels alot for his job... but it's nice to have him home. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bridget... I found your blog over on Nancy's website today. Loved your random list... xox Have a great week-end...

My husband was gone this week too and will be home today. He retired from Corporate America but now has his own consulting business so he's gone from time to time as well... Love when he arrives home!