Tuesday, September 10, 2013

T is for Tuesdays

I think I have found a replacement for my broken teacup for my favourite teapot. I found it in my teacup cupboard, its not the same design but the same size so I am lucky. At one stage I was into wide mouthed cups and they were bone China so the tea tasted lovely. Now that Early grey loose leaf tea I got from Aldi's is not nice, will never be the same as Twinings Earl Grey. I loved the tin it came in but this will be the one and only I will buy from Aldi again, as you can see the tea is very pale (I like dark strong tea). Putting more tea leaf makes tea bitter so I try and avoid that.
The tea towel in the background was from my mother, bless her heart but would be nice if it was tea themed as I dont drink coffee. Which brings me to the point that I can find lots of stuff with coffee on it but hardly any with tea, harrumpf. I think I am too English for Australia hahahhahaa.

Joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth for her T for Tuesday Meme.


MaxineD said...

You are obviously a tea lover :-), and a discerning one at that!!

Evelyn S. said...

I think I've seen Twinings Earl Grey...but nothing is in a tin here!

voodoo vixen said...

Oh good find with the teacup to go with the teapot! I think you have to put the tea down to experience and enjoy the tin!! That was a sweet gift from your Mum, its true, there is always coffee stuff in the shops but nothing tea!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love wide mouth cups, too. And big handles. I can't wrap my fingers around the tiny delicate handles the French and British seem to prefer.

I recently read an article that tea was not popular because you needed so many accompaniments when you serve it. Although I'm a coffee drinker, I totally enjoy good loose leaf tea.

I'm still blown away that Aldi is in Australia. Of course, I've never seen that brand in my Aldi store. In fact, I've never seen loose leaf tea at my Aldi. Must be an American thing that "we" prefer bags to leaves. Not me. I'm a loose leaf kind of gal, but I don't think I'd appreciate any tea from Aldi. Like you, my tea taste is too refined.

Thanks for sharing your lovely T post today. And how serendipitous that you found that cup.

Pearly Queen said...

Love the idea of 'Early Grey' - for those drizzly morning, of course...


Divers and Sundry said...

i've never seen this brand of tea, and i've given up finding an earl grey tea i like. we used to drink it all the time, but it got too strong for me. either the tea changed or my tastes did.

i like the cup to go with that pot. they look like they coordinate well.

girlunwinding said...

Just an adorable and inviting set up all the way around! love the coffee towel, super cute.
Happy T today

Krisha said...

Your new cup is very delicate looking with those tiny roses on it, but I LOVE the tea pot! I'm a coffee drinker, but love all the tea cups and pots.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Your replacement tea cup compliments your beautiful little pot perfectly! Rose patterns are one of my favorites.

Dianne said...

Lovely photo! I was surprised that you have Aldi in Austrlia...must admit I am a coffee drinker but I do adore your teacup and tea pot.

~*~Patty S said...

it's true I guess that we already have everything we need evidenced by your matching cup for that great pot...always great when that happens!

Harney and Sons Earl Grey tea is one of my all time favorites...the fragrance when you open the tin is perfect too...it even comes in Organic and decaf

Happy T Day

see you there! said...

Although I like tea, I need coffee first thing in the morning so I like the "tea towel" even tho it is celebrating coffee, LOL! I find Twinings Lady Grey just a touch smoother than their Earl and have pretty much switched to that.


Cazzy said...

Hi Bridget, so you have Lidl and Aldi but you don't get blackberries! Wow, don't they sell frozen ones anywhere, or tins?

Not the same I know but you get the taste. We picked loads today. Your teapot is so pretty!

Carol (Cazzy) x

Marianne said...

I agree with Patty . . . Harney and Son's is the best.
Love the teapot. reminds me of my mom.

Halle said...

I've only shopped at Aldi 2x. Both times were less than wonderful. Haven't been back in years. Maybe I should give them another chance. :)
I like your replacement cup.
Happy Tuesday!