Wednesday, September 25, 2013

WOYWW #225

I have been AWOL from desk hopping for a few weeks because I've had nothing to show as I haven't been creating but busy getting used to working full time on a rotating 7 day roster.
I went down to my craft room dundgeon this morning and found my desk as I had left it a month ago lol. Pringles containers saved to make something with, Spellbinders dies I have to pack into their containers, new papers I bought yesterday for Christmas projects.

I did want to share our beautiful annual flower show called Floriade that is held in the first month of spring. A sea of tulips are amongst the many beds of bulbs planted especially for this festival.
Amongsth this bed of white flowers was a blob of red, I dont know if it was deliberate or a mistake and someone go the colours wrong but it looked beautiful.
I believe they are planted at different times so they bloom throughout the whole month of September as some bulbs were close and some fully open.
The week before I tried to go and take photographs but had to sit in the car for an hour in pouring rain and drove back home. This is what the weather looked like outside my car. This guys umbrella didnt stay like that for long and a strong wind came and blew his umbrella upside down.

Joining Julia's Stamping Ground to showcase our desks weekly.


MaxineD said...

Love your photos Bridget - the desk looks as though you are about to get really crafty!!
/the tulips at the gardens are stunning - much better looking than my few :-)
Love the photo of the rain outside the card - the umbrella really 'pops'.

Granmargaret said...

Lovely photos Bridget. I went to Floriade a couple years ago and loved it.

ike said...

My goodness - what gorgeous flowers :-) A very different weather picture from last time ?!!!!
Thank you for showing me this :-)


IKE in Greece # 75 xxx

Kate Hadfield said...

Oooh, what are you going to make with your Pringles containers?! I look forward to seeing what you come up with!!

Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing!
Kate WOYWW #85

Sandy said...

Its on my wish list of things to do is to visit Floriade so beautiful.. I am sure you will get into that desk to do some crafting soon but its hard when the weather is just getting so much better it draws you outside.
Sandy :) #29

Sandy Leigh said...

I am just like you! I save containers and packaging to upcycle into new things--and sometimes I feel like I can't touch things on my craft desk for days and days because I'm so tired from work! It goes in cycles. Happy to have you back. It's funny because I'm visiting everyone who ends in "8" today--and it seems to be a lot of my favorite desks anyway. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #88

Julie Ann Lee said...

Great to see you back, Bridget! You must be so tired working such a hard schedule! Wow! Those flowers are gorgeous and those red ones look terrific - like you I'm intrigued to know if that was intentional or pure chance? How is your daughter enjoying her camera, by the way? I was so impressed by those amazing little camera cakes and that big one for her birthday! Julie Ann xx #35

glitterandglue said...

The flowers are gorgeous. A lovely welcome to springtime. Hope you get some crafting done soon.
Margaret #61

Carole said...

Oh such a shame to have no time to play and create...but you do have some fun toys/dies. Thanks for sharing. Be well I'm happy to get in before 100...I'm #99 Carole

Lea.H said...

love the flowers so bright Lx

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Look at all that STUFF on your desk. You need to squeeze in some time to play, especially since you went and bought some Christmas paper. That silly holiday will be on us before we know it.

Carole said...

Loads of toys...must find time to play....Thanks for sharing. Be well I'm happy to get in before 100...I'm #99 Carole

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Bridget,

At least you didn't have any elves come and play on your desk while you were busy!

The flowers are stunning. I like the red amongst the white - happy accident or not.

We've been getting a lot of rain here too -- really need it badly as we've been in drought conditions for years now.

Kay (25)