Wednesday, July 18, 2012


What's on your Workdesk Wednesday!

Well mine is a total mess, I attended a wonderful Clayton's Stamp Camp on the weekend, health wise it was a disaster, I became nauseous and light headed and had to leave after 3 hours on the first day. When I returned the next day I forgot the goodies bag we were given so I just sat and watch and talked and relaxed. So my desk for the last 3 days have resembled a mess of cardstock being painted black drying out ready to make my Technique book.
I love what was done and can't wait to do all my ATCs using all those techniques and showing you the end results.

Opps I just noticed a non craft item thrown on top of the pile of Jo Sonja paints, a Canberra Raiders Beanie, hubby had just returned from a footy game by the team he follows-sadly they lost.
Things are heating up for me in the craft part of my life, deadlines are creeping up for the Christmas cards as I want to finish them off by the end of August so I can go onto doing other craft stuff, and then there are the OLYMPICS starting next week-how many of you like me will be glued to the TV? I'm already glued to it with the Tour de France!!
OLYMPIC LANES on England's roads....and the taxis can't drive on them? What other dramas will there be?
I've received more Anniversary ATCS, took photos of them, now I am hunting for those photos and ATCS, will put up a separate post when I find both.
Food glorious food. Dinner last night was wontons in soup form yumm

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


What's on your Workdesk Wednesday again (amazing #6 again on the list)
Love how all the comments past say how not messy my desk is, believe me it is but I have promised myself to tidy up after a certain round so I dont have stuff piled up on top of everything else like I used to and that drove me absolutely crazy.
My desk has had many transformations since last Wednesday, too many to take photos of, each hour I was crafting it was changing. You can see the stash of stamps to the left ready to put to ink pad. Can of air near the punch ready for another background technique. Cards you saw in a pile the previous weeks is now in the wooden holder in front of the tv. Looks like a footy of some sort was on tv. Have been staying awake to watch the Tour de France. Sustenance of chocolate and mandarin and nuts close at hand lol
Here are more cards done for Stockings for Soldiers Project 600+ plus done over the weekend with the help of many generous card makers

Michael Jackson from the lovely Carol Clements
ATCs still arriving in the mail, sorry i cant remember who they came from, I took the photo and stored them safely and now I will have to hunt them down to give them credit, if its yours let me know in the comments and I'll put  your name to it
Food glorious food, I had very boring meals this week, mushy soups. But I was busy making homemade wontons. I will post the recipe and how to fold those wontons this week. As you can see the desk doubles for anything, I just throw a teatowel over the craft stuff hahaha
And I wanted to show you that Chinese cooking is one pot as well, this was fried rice made in my electric frying pan. Again recipe coming this week

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012


HAPPY 4TH JULY to the American Desks.
Messy desk day again!!
How did my desk evolve into this mess in 2+ days? This is my desk/tables set up for making Christmas cards for Stockings for Soldiers Project
which I am the coordinator of the card section

This side of the desk is the stamping side, under the large transparent mat I have tissue paper etc being flattened out. Each bin are cards at different stages of finishing
Then I move to this side and finish off with painting, colouring or adhereing. The white container h oldds cards I have received so far 515 in all so far to make the 3000 requirements in 3 months. The black box holds cut up cardstock ready to be used
This is the breaktime side, when I get tired of making cards I crochet or read and have dinner here
Then within an hour this is the result of the fruits of labour..opps the MnM jar is empty...
I didn't eat it-hubby did!!!

For the food lovers, baked potato, sausages and salad 
(hmm I must put more colour in my salads lol

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