Wednesday, July 18, 2012


What's on your Workdesk Wednesday!

Well mine is a total mess, I attended a wonderful Clayton's Stamp Camp on the weekend, health wise it was a disaster, I became nauseous and light headed and had to leave after 3 hours on the first day. When I returned the next day I forgot the goodies bag we were given so I just sat and watch and talked and relaxed. So my desk for the last 3 days have resembled a mess of cardstock being painted black drying out ready to make my Technique book.
I love what was done and can't wait to do all my ATCs using all those techniques and showing you the end results.

Opps I just noticed a non craft item thrown on top of the pile of Jo Sonja paints, a Canberra Raiders Beanie, hubby had just returned from a footy game by the team he follows-sadly they lost.
Things are heating up for me in the craft part of my life, deadlines are creeping up for the Christmas cards as I want to finish them off by the end of August so I can go onto doing other craft stuff, and then there are the OLYMPICS starting next week-how many of you like me will be glued to the TV? I'm already glued to it with the Tour de France!!
OLYMPIC LANES on England's roads....and the taxis can't drive on them? What other dramas will there be?
I've received more Anniversary ATCS, took photos of them, now I am hunting for those photos and ATCS, will put up a separate post when I find both.
Food glorious food. Dinner last night was wontons in soup form yumm

Hope on over to Julia's Stamping Ground to see more desks of all descriptions


Create With Joy said...

Wow - I'm sorry things didn't quite work out as planned at your class - sure hope you are better now - sometimes we just need to rest!

That soup is making me hungry!

Have a fabulous WOYWW!

Create With Joy - #2

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's dinner time where I live, so I want some of that awesome soup. Happy WOYWW from #6.

Shoshi said...

Sorry things didn't turn out as good as you hoped, Bridget - I think we all get days like that sometimes, but it's disappointing when you've made the effort to go. Your black pages look intriguing! I look forward to seeing what you make with them.

As for the soup - you naughty girl you've got Shoshi's mouth watering again! You know you can't give up showing your food on WOYWW now - it's become something of a tradition!!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #3

Peggy said...

what a bummer about the class hope you're better

EELS said...

Sometimes things just do not work out how we planned do they but hey don't stress just move on.

Yes those black pages are interesting wonder what's in the offing?
Cheers, Elaine #23

Redanne said...

Whoa, that's a lot of stuff on your desk! Sorry to hear that you were not well, hope you're OK now. Loving the look of that delicious soup.....Happy WOYWW, Anne x #9

Spyder said...

aw, well I hope you are feeling a lot better now!! But what a lot of things going on!! Very busy!!Thank you for my snoop!! Have a great week! HaPpY WoyWw!!!

((Lyn)) # 28

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Bridget,
Drats, sorry you got sick in class and had to leave - and then the next day - ah well, I bet it was nice to sit and chat and watch the others. Better than being sick another day.

The soup looks yummy..... oh, but I already had a salad.

Hugs, Kay #36ish

sandee said...

I always seem to get sick when I go to a crop, maybe it's the excitement getting to me? lol I am so looking forward to the Olympics! waving hi from hills of North Carolina :) ( not yet numbered )

Eliza said...

Blasted body never really works when it should, especially when you really need it to, to attend and important class. Hopefully you can remember all the good stuff and re-produce it yourself. You are smart and can do it, this much I am sure off.

Me I am not really interested in the Olympics, I think when it comes to live to air TV I am over it because I work with it all the time. Hear about it, they talk it, plan it, transport it, secure it, it goes on and on.... LOL

TTYS thanks for the view of your desk.

Eliza #11 again

Ali H said...

Wow the desk is busy this week ! What a shame about your classes last weekend ! Fasinated to see what you do with all those black pages ! Ali #53

Sandy said...

Oh I love the Olympics too its so exciting. Love your big desk looks like you are very busy again. Sandy :) #57

Sunshine Girl said...

Oooh a lovely busy desk there and that soup looks wonderful. Yes its all very exciting here for the Olympics - I have been lucky enough to even hold a torch (on a previous post you will see me clutching it grinning from ear to ear). Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl No. 58

okienurse said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well at your class. I hate that when it happens. Looking forward to seeing your finished project. Vickie #67

Helen said...

Hi Bridget You look like you had been busy indeed. Your lovely won tons remind me my tummy is rumbling for breakfast! WOYWW Hugs from Helen 18

Helen said...

Shame about the weekend - but your very large desk looks fabulously busy!! Helen 22

inkypinkycraft said...

Sorry you have been feeling poorly! Your desks super busy as always, hope you are feeling better now! Trace x 56

RosC said...

Bad luck about the workshop. Your desk looks like a scattered assembly line. I love getting into a big project like that.
Soup reminds me to go and attend to food now too. I'm doing a Weber roast of lamb tonight. Oh yum!
Happy days,
Ros. #80

Ann B said...

Bad news when you are looking forward to a crafty day and then not well, hope you are back to normal now.
I'm also glued to the Tour and in the rain over here have had lots of afternoons watching it live on TV.
Ann B

MaxineD said...

What a pain you missed your weekend - but your desk looks as though you are making up for lost time :-)
Love won tons in soup - I'm drooling.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

It's making me very cross that all the UK TV news seems to focus on is the negative stuff about the Olympics - what about all the positives and feelgood factor?? Everyone I know is really excited about it all..but bad news always sells... sigh.

What are you going to do with all those black cards????

Hugs, LLJ ~70 xx

Trish Latimer said...

lovely busy desk...looks fun!! oh you can bet your bottom dollar there will be plenty more Olympic dramas...think the taxis are just the start!1 Trish #78

scrappystickyinkymess said...

I love a good bowl of soup, but wondering how the heck you are going to nibble on that corn without it all dripping down your chin! :) Christmas cards - I am amazed at how many hits I am getting for my printables from last year (and the couple I did on a whim this year) when Christmas is so far away :) But clearly you are not the only one getting a head start!


MA (1)

Shoshi said...

Lol Bridget, you can't possibly stop showing us your dinner - it's the one food of the whole week that I can enjoy without putting on any weight!!!

Thanks for your lovely comments. Yes, Mr. Linky seemed to be playing tricks on us - I was so sure I was #1! Still, #3 is the highest I've ever been (1 higher than last week lol!)

Not my original idea to use the kitchen roll like that (wish it was because it's genius!) - Dyan does it all the time on her vids and that's where I learnt it.

A Black Cat Cougar is a professional electronic plotter/cutting machine. You connect it to the computer like a printer, and you can design your own stuff and send it to the cutter, and it cuts it out for you. You put your card or whatever onto a sticky mat which goes into the machine. It will also draw, engrave, emboss, and cut exactly around the edge of printed stuff (great for decoupage). Compared with the Cougar, the Cricut is like a toy - but for basic craft cutting it's absolutely fine. I moved up because I wanted to cut thicker stuff, and to be able to use any pen rather than just special short ones. It's an awesome machine!


Francesca said...

Its horrid when that happens, but I must say I'm liking the desk, more my style if not yours. Soup looks good too. I see we both have gone up a space this week, you 5 me 93 Francesca #93

Elizabeth said...

Hi Bridget, such a shame that you took poorly during the class but it sounds as though you still got something from it and I did wonder about all that black paper on your desk when I first saw it ... look forward to seeing the ATCs that result.

I'm looking forward to the Olympics but am simply fed-up with all the pre-Olympic drama ... really, how difficult could it be for a shed load of men to organise the event!

Your food always looks so exotic and delicious.

Happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #75

lisa said...

What a shame your workshop didn't work out as planned. Your desk is looking full of intriguing things, I wondered what you were doing with all those papers!!!!
Dinner looks yum, I'll be round for a bowl!!
I can't believe the Olympics have come round at last. We seem to have been on countdown for ever. Olympic traffic lanes are making big news, no one is sure who can use them!!!!
It does make you wonder what every one has been doing for the last 7 years, the panic that is going on now to get everything sorted!!! I'm glad I don't live in London though!!
hugs Lisax #97

Joynana said...

Wow, you have such a large space to spread out. Can't wait to see the finished projects. #30

Glenda said...

Wow, you have stuff everywhere! Can't wait to see how they end up!
Glenda 98

Helen T said...

Christmas cards finished by the end of August!!! I have not even begun to start thinking about Christmas. You must be really organised. Helen T #112

fairy thoughts said...

Lots going on here interesting to see what you do with the squares. I am hoping all goes well with the Olympics too. I wish the press would focus on the good stuff sometimes
Janet 68

Bernice said...

Sorry things didn't go too well at your class. But it sure looks like you've been really busy since!
Bernice #25

kay said...

do hope you are feeling better now,have fun with your crafting
kay #65

Jaki Morris said...

This might be a silly comment but, black cardstock?

I am uber excited about the Olympics. I went to see the Olympic Torch run through my town on Monday and next Saturday (28th) we're going to the Ladies Volleyball.

If there is any way you can access this: please do as it is hilarious
It is a BBC comedy called Twenty Twelve and it is about the Olympics. You may find it amusing!
Jaki #118

Kathryn said...

Wow that looks like a productive workspace! I'm intrigued to see how it all comes out :-) I am excited about the Olympics too - I have my bunting (hand made of course!) in my window! K x

Jeremy and Samantha said...

the soup looks delicious, that really stinks about your workshop I am terrified of this happening with all my health issues and have not participated in anything. I can't wait to see how your pages turn out.


Emma Lee said...

Can't wait to see you finished technique book either, hope you're feeling better.


peggy aplSEEDS said...

your soup looks delicious and since it is almost lunch time here, i am getting hungry! must be exciting to have the olympics! a techniques book sounds interesting!
happy WOYWW!
thank you for sharing!
peggy aplSEEDS