Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WOYWW #169

What's on your Workdesk Wednesday?
I am just going to accept that the world is spinning out of control and that's why Wednesdays comes around so quick. 

Finally all the stockings and lifesavers counted by the volunteer hubby, knitted and provided by wonderful friends Selena Walden, Julie Collins, Ruth Kelly,  Penelope Dickens, Anna Holcroft, Shirley Gerrard, Mary Fenton and her merry knitters-Dawn Gardiner-Fay Godden-Heather Mortlock-Irene Martin-Joyce Martin-Molly Condely
you are awesome and so generous
These goodies are for the Stockings for Soldiers Project being sent overseas to the deployed who can't come home for Christmas
Hubby and his food of course he is a shy participant (mad at me for taking is photo).
We'll I'm off to hospital tomorrow, they said I could watch the operation on a tv screen yay I have always wanted to watch my operations and finally they have said YES.
Thought I'd share this joke with you all

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stockings for Soldiers


3000 Christmas Cards made as at 1st August 2012

Many of you know that I make cards and contribute to the military that are deployed overseas. This year I am going onboard and coordinating the card section of  
Stockings for Soldiers Project 
co-ordinated by Selena Smith and Michelle Potter
on behalf of our Soldiers based mainly in Townsville, Queensland.
Last year they sent out 1550 boxes to our Military.
This year they are sending 3000. In the small way that I can contribute, I will be making Christmas Cards for the deployed.

You are very welcome to contribute as well. You can send your cards to me no later than the 31st August 2012 so they can be forwarded onto Selena and Michelle to start the public signing process.

The cards need to be 10cm x 10cm single sided, i.e no folds  so they can be hung on metal walls/lockers with magnets (do not attach magnets to them-the recipients will put it on themselves). Decorate the front only. 

Here is a video via Channel 9 about the boxes that were sent in 2011 which is the first year this has been done.

Department of Defence Media about the soldiers receiving their 2012 packages here
This is where the packages were distributed to in 2012
Video of 2012 packages being distributed.
ABC TV video of packages being received for 2012

Feel free to EMAIL me if you have any questions
A huge THANK YOU to contributors

Aileen Flynn
Anna Holcroft
Anne-Marie Slattery
Carolyn Passfield
Dell Armistead (for organising 8 July stamp up day) with Sara Wise, Marcela and Elisa Bonilla, Shirley Gerrard and Bridget 
Dianne Slade
Evelyn Poole
Grace McAndrew
Jean Considine
Jenny Hubbard
Kathy Duffy
Laisie Murphy
Linda Aldred
Nola Murdock
Penelope Dickens
Shirley Gerrard
Virginia Purdey
Wendy Camplin
Mystery contributor

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Orange Friday 001

Orange you glad it's Friday (on a Sunday hahaha) is a new meme by Sarah Bettey  
Can you spot the orange stocking?

I've been knitting these stockings for Stockings for Soldiers Project that sends a box of goodies
to Australian Soldiers deployed who won't be coming home for Christmas. Amongst other goodies are these miniature stockings that are smaller than a pen and holds a packet of life saver (because they save lives). I also coordinated the Christmas card portion this year. 3000 military soldiers will benefit from this wonderful project. Other items included in the box are Anzac Biscuits, Rum Balls, Jila Mints, Minties,  Nuts & Bolts, Eucalyptus Lollies, Chuppa Chups, cocktail Aussie flags, Puddings, majority of which have been handmade or baked by volunteers all over Australia.
The colours for the stockings are Red, Green, White and Gold (yellow), I just had some orange wool and was testing all colours and it happened to be this Meme.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WOYWW #168

Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday here already!!!
My desk today is half empty, thats because my turn to host Tuesday night stamp group will be next Tuesday so I made a headstart on the cleaning process. You can see the stockings I am sewing up for Stockings for Soldiers Project 
As for food, I just had to share these Nuts and Bolts for the same project above, they are just the yummiest of snacks I have ever made. The recipe is in the previous post if you'd like to make it and be warned that it is addictive
More Nuts and Bolts Recipes I found
Recipe 1
Recipe 2
Recipe 3
Recipe 4

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Nuts and Bolts

I just had to share this Nuts and Bolts recipe which is just so yummy
500g Box Nutri-Grain
3 kg unsalted mixed nuts
2 x 35 g packet of French onion soup (or Dukkah- add to taste)
1 ½  cups Olive Oil
5 tsp salt and lemon pepper
500 g pumpkin seeds, 
Extras if desired or available - home-grown rosemary, dried fruit, cayenne, cumin, 
 muscovado sugar

Preheat Oven to 180oC
Line 5 baking trays with baking paper
Combine ingredients in large bowl and toss well to coat
Spread well over trays and bake for 15 minutes (or cook in a Wok) until crisp, 
checking and stirring every 5 minutes.

My friend Michelle Rose said she adds curry powder and mustard powder, I'll try that this weekend and report back on how it compares

You'll have to halve the recipe to make a smaller amount

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WOYWW #167

Sorry about the word verification, I had a lot of unwanted spam the last few weeks so I put it on and that seemed to have worked and scared them away.
What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday
I have a good reason to be MIA for the last 2 desk viewings
The Olympics were on, what a wonderful 2 weeks that was.
Also my desk just looked the same because all I was doing was collating and counting and gathering   Christmas cards for the Stockings for Soldiers Project I am co-ordinating. Then they were short 2000 stockings so I started knitting miniature stockings as well for them. So my desk just looked the same for 2 weeks which are what the pictures below are of.

These cute little stockings took me an hour to make one and hold a packet of life saver lollies in it, the pen is to give you an idea of how small they are...Cute huh!!

 I started knitting neck scarves as well, I will post pictures of the ones I have done so far, they are truly addictive and so easy to do. You can see a multicoloured scarf to the left hanging on the chair, and a white Nelly Bobble one and behind that is the variegated green/blue one I am sending to my sister in New Zealand
And of course I have to eat through all of this hahahaha, this dish is curry chicken and Puff pastry because I ran out of Indian bread
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