Wednesday, April 4, 2012



Beth F said...

Nice -- the colors, the composition, and the shadows work well together.

Evelyn S. said...

You need to explain to me what this is.... ;-)

MaxineD said...

Nice one - love all the texture and the sense of intrigue.

Shoshi said...

Bridget, this is a very good photograph! Even though you can't see much of the player, you can sense the intense concentration as he plans his next move... There's a sort of relaxed tension in those hands! Excellent stuff - great composition too, and nice play of light and shade, smooth and rough textures.

Thanks for your awesome comments on my blog! You are very kind, and also my greatest fan!! I really, really enjoy doing the zentangles, and also incorporating the title into the design - letters can be so decorative in their own right!! Thanks for subscribing to my blog, too - the more the merrier! I am returning the compliment.

Have a great week.

Shoshi said...

Hi Bridget, me again! thanks for the link to Suzanne's zentangle Easter eggs - they are so beautiful!! I reckon anything you can draw on, you can zentangle on lol!


Tina´s PicStory said...

very cool shot! :)