Thursday, February 14, 2013

WOYWW #193

Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday
uh oh I"m abit late but I had to work 10 hour days this week so am I forgiven?
So here is my desk.
I've been working in two areas, the brown table which is very solid and stable and is a mess and also across to the wall in front of the chair in that narrow space-reason being the guillotine is there and the space was empty hahahaha. I seem to be able to clear off the work desk as I go instead of everything piling up into a big mess.

As promised last week, here are the cards I made from the messy desk background you saw me making in this POST
and to show off our summer garden. the fruit trees were already here, there are nectarines, peaches, fig, apple, pear, loquat and a mystery fruit which is the photo at the top right hand corner. We also planted pumpkins and have two varieties Queensland blue in the top left hand corner and butternut just below that picture. I squealed with excitement on the weekend when I gave the vine a trim and found 17 pumpkins. The bucket at the bottom left were green peaches that were on a branch that broke as it was so heavy so I made Peach Kuchla, a sort of Indian chutney with it. We normally make that condiment with mango, the jar is the Peach Kuchla and it is so yummy.

Jump over to Julia's Stamping Ground and visit more creative desks

See you next week and Happy Valentines Day!!


Heather Alger said...

Great projects and I also Love your
photos of all the beautiful produce x
Happy WOYWW Heather # 62

MaxineD said...

Yay - love your messy desk cards- they look fabulous!!
Great garden produce - the unidentified tree looks as though it may be a persimmon - I may be wrong, but that's what it reminds me of.

okienurse said...

busy and creative desk. I love the pictures of your garden and the card is awesome! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #17

Barb King said...

Wow, you have a big workspace. Your garden looks great! We have 2 feet of snow in our garden. Barb #101

Tracy said...

What a fabulous studio! You have so much space.

Rebekah said...

What a fun place to craft in! And summer. Ooo, can't wait. We're slowly getting to spring soon!! Rebekah #143

Ann B said...

Really like those cards Bridget, such pretty colours.
This is my second tour of the desks - started yesterday at the begining of the list hopping forward a few at a time and now doing the same from the bottom

Ann B

Eliza said...

Bridget your space is amazing and good to see you back. Your vegi patch looks great, bounty of labour that's for sure. I think you could have a persimmon does it have little prongs at the top? They are a beautiful fruit to eat.


Jackie said...

Your space is so bright and cheerful and the pictures of your produce are fab you ,it's have green fingers!

Janene McAnally said...

What a GREAT work area...boy am I jealous!! Wish I had a green thumb like you have to grow vege's, but alas I don't lol. Janene #161

Robin Spitzer said...

WOW you have the best space! Your cards are SO beautiful! and boy oh boy, your garden is just the best!

Hugs, Robin 107

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Bridget,

Wow - you can really spread out at the new place! The cards are lovely.

How lucky to have all the fruit trees; and now a vegetable garden too. That peach tree must have been loaded!

Hugs, Kay #125

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April Story said...

Lovin your desks! And since it is winter here in the state - it is fun to see your garden producing. :-) April #119

RosC said...

Wow, Bridget, what Ab Fab space you have...and I know I'd fill it up in a flash!
Your cards are so colourful and different. Well done. Same goes for the Summer garden produce.
Ros. #154