Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WOYWW #146 New Canon Camera

The Baby has arrived!!!
My first DSLR and boy was it worth the wait, its a
Canon EOS 600D with twin lens
As you can see the desk has not changed except that it got dumped on more 
and when the camera arrived all the innards of the box littered the table.
Opps I can see clothes on it still!!
Mr Crafty dug out his tripods, so I now own 3 tripods lol
DD Photographer will inherit the baby one
the one on the left is the one I bought called a Manfrotto
it is yummylicious
This is what it can do, spread its legs, the middle column
folds down horizontally to take macros
I bought these to help me along

ok it took me 2 hours to read the manual and all I managed to do was put in the SD card and battery and turn it on, I tried focusing with the EFS 55-250mm lens and everything was out of focus, so back to reading the manual again. Doesn't help that I am extremely tired, so I guess I will just have to go to bed and wake up fresh and try and learn this baby.
So what do you think? Do you like it?

Of course all the photos above were taken on the Nikon Coolpix S630 until I work out the DSLR
Spent 6 hours on the weekend watching DVDs of the basics of using a DSLR

I learnt that this type of photography is called Fine Art.
After I took this photo and 3 others I unintentionally pressed a button and now it wont take any more photos LOL, so its back to the manual to read what I did wrong

First picture from the Canon, can you guess what it is? I used the 55-260mm lens on this and don't ask me what settings it was on, I just turned the dial until it would click.

Hop on over to Jan's place to see what other people are up to in their craft areas.


MaxineD said...

Stunning camera - and it looks like the edge of a sissex (? spelling) machine :-)

Julia Dunnit said...

Well Mrs, aren't you the lucky one. yes I likeyour new camera, although the idea of upgrading from my very basic point and shoot to something like that gives me bad dreams...all that new learning! So colour me impressed!
Now, never mind clothes on the table - is that a bottle of Tabasco? Lord I hope you're not swigging that for fun!

Helen said...

I am SO envious!! If I win the lottery I will upgrade my old SLR film camera to a DSLR one, as it has to be the way to go but how I will ever learn it all .... so jealous (did I say that?!!) I wish I'd studied photography properly (although my ex had a darkroom and we did some black and white developing - this is back in the 80's- it was such fun. So jealous. Did I mention?! Helen, 21

Jacqueline said...

My brain just exploded with the technical look of that thing let alone the manual!! What a beastie that is! Hope you get lots of pleasure from using it! :D

You do NOT see a marble craft desk lol what you DO see is an old cheap counter top from B&Q along with Ikea kitchen units on which it rests lol:: Absolutely perfect solution for storage and stuff!

Thanks for the comments.

Take care and happy WOYWW

Jackie xx

SophieNewton said...

Hello from the UK. You can never have too many tripods. Fabulous workspace x
Sophie no.88

Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Better not let my husband see this blog!

Hugs, Sarn x (No. 63 ish)

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Aw, a daddy, mummy and baby tripod family!! Lol. You won't regret owning that canon - DH adores his 7 series. I've got to save up like crazy for a new telephoto lens as it's his special birthday this year :)
Have fun experimenting!!
Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

May said...

That is a CAMARA young lady, WOW!! Once you sort that manual out there will no stopping you!! Fabulous,cant wait to see the pics.... Hugs May x x x No9

butlersabroad said...

ooh, Mother's Day has come early for you, that's a beauty but sounds like a lot of learning to master it!

Brenda 2

Di said...

Wow, lucky you! I understood the words battery and SD card - oh, and tripods :) Di xx

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Bridget,
A friend of mine has this camera and she loves it. She's taken several photography courses and really plays around with all the settings. You'll have fun, I'm sure! I have a Canon and still need to read the manual! haaa So far I've just done the point and shoot. Our Hallmark store is closing in town so I bought a tripod at 40% off last weekend. I can't tell you what kind it is but it looks fancy!

#15 (you've already visited!)

Misty's Mum said...

Wow, that is a camera & a half! Hope you have fun I think I may just stay with my pick up & point.
Thank you for visiting my desk & those containers are little boxes with big hearts.
mistys mum #100

Princess Judy Palmer said...

That's the handle of your Big Shot, no? Yes? Look at all that camera stuff on your desk! Toss those clothes on the floor. I would never know what to do with all that camera stuff. I can barely point and shoot my point and shoot camera. You'll have a blast though. Happy WOYWW Judy #134

ScrappnBee said...

SOOO jealous! LOL! I have to hang out at my local camera shop and eventually figure out what I want to upgrade to...then find the budget for it! Enjoy! Hope that you figure out the pictures soon! Happy WOYWW!- Amanda 57

Peggy Cain said...

Wednesday’s sure do come around quick! Trying again to make “All” the rounds. WOW I would love to have all those tripods for my camera you are one lucky girl Have a great day!

Redanne said...

It looks like a magnificent camera to me but then anything that does more than point and shoot does it for me, the novice. Have fun using it! Anne#66

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

At first I was having a terrible time leaving comments on blogs last night. They didn't want to post. NOW I get "service unavailable when I try to leave a comment. It's really frustrating. I see you were having trouble with MY link, too. But when I clicked it, it came up fine.

OH WOW. I have a tripod very similar to yours. The one that folds flat. Plus, it extends to at least 6 feet, although I am only 4'11", so would never let it get that tall. You are very lucky to have THREE of these.

BTW, the microwave in the basement is for craft projects, like dyeing fabrics and other crafty things. Amazing what craft projects you can make using your microwave. I don't cross contaminate my art supplies and my cooking utensils, so all my craft "tools" are extra or purchased solely for the room. Thanks for the visit last night (in my world).

Lisa-Jane said...

What a beauty?! Learning how to use them is such a time eater but worth it. #77

Shoshi said...

Wow Bridget, what a wonderful new camera! I am sure you will use it to the full, and well done getting some nice publications to help you along the way. How exciting it all is!

Thanks for commenting on my blog, but I have to differ - my creative space is definitely a lot, lot worse than yours!! It's tidier now, than when I took the photo, because all the boxes are now on the landing!! I haven't done any more today because we took my parents out today and now I'm shattered.

Have fun with your lovely new toy!!!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #14

Bridget Larsen said...

LOL join the club, I have so much learning to do. luckily I studied graphics and how to put the photos on the computer and upload before I got the spiffy camera. Now I just have to work out the ISO-Fstop-aperture-AV-TV-M-density-exposure-CCD

OK MY HEAd is full now and I still dont get it hee hee

Bridget Larsen said...

hahaha why not?


Gunn (MsPlum) said...

Congratulations Bridget! I hope you will have a lot of fun with it! There is a guy named Scott Kelby. He has written several good books about photography. He is also very active on Google+ if you have a profile there. Anyway, if you stop by my blog I have an award for you :)

Bridget Larsen said...

TELEPHOTO!!! oh my never heard of that yet, my daughter mentioned Tilt Shift lens-Macro and already I can hear the KA-CHINGs

Bridget Larsen said...

Almost got it Maxine, its a BigShot

Bridget Larsen said...

Trust you to zoom in on the Tabasco, I had pizza for dinner and I cant eat pizza without tabasco lol

famfa said...

Cool. Look forward to seeing your photography with your new toy.

trisha too said...

Congratulations on your new arrival!


CraftygasheadZo said...

Wow that's some camera. Hope you have fun playing with it. Thanks for sharing for this weeks WOYWW, it's Thursday now but I'm still snooping my way through the list. Take care Zo xx 22

RosC said...

Wonderful to have a new camera. I've been grafted to a camera since I was 7 or 8 and I have a few, including my Dad's original Kodak Retina that he took to the war with him and took some wonderful B&W pics of the Middle East. I have a Pentax with two great lenses but it's soooooo heavy. I also have a compact, a Ricoh which takes lovely pics. I just miss the view finder.
Thanks for visiting.
Ros. #40

Ann B said...

I'm a bit late this week - only got to the mid-50s yesterday and doing my best to catch up.

That is some serious kit you have there, I think I'm turning green. When I got my last new camera (not as all seeing, all dancing as yours) I looked at the manual for 5 mins then put it in the desk where it lives to this day. More of a try it and see girl myself.

Looking forward to seeing some of your photos

Ann B

sandee said...

LOL, one day my dream is to own a big girl camera too! While I am so envious of the camera, I think the 3 tri pods has me a little dizzy with adoration! HA! I'm crazy, I know...and the books and videos...well, all I can say is that it looks like you have helped the economy out some with all that shopping! Can't wait to see your progress on the DSLR! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Darnell J Knauss said...

How fun to get such great equipment in the pursuit of your hobby! Have a wonderful time learning to use it all; can't wait to see the results!

Jacqui said...

Hi Bridget - thanks for the visit - that looks a professional set up! A bit more than my Instamatic snaps!Hope you are having a good week

Joynana said...

WOW, what a camera. I was happy with my baby. You have the top of the line. Congratulations. #25

Bridget Larsen said...

LOL not quite top of the line Joynana, almost there though, the top of the line just came out Canon EOS5D Mark III is what I have my eye on but I wouldn't be able to eat for years after a purchase like that

MaggieC said...

What a fantastic piece of kit. You should end up with some brilliant photos from that once you get the hang of things. I tend to use just one camera these days which is my Sony widescreen Handicam, which does excellent videos, but also does really good stills. I also then go back and run through the video to capture stills from that. I am sure it will do much more that I currently ask of it, but it is finding the time to play, especially when the manual is mainly on computer. Have loads of fun. xx Maggie #5

Morti said...

That'll be the handle of your Big Shot then.... LOL

Wow - fab new camera, Mrs! Well done on your new acquisition. I used to have regular SLRs, and I'd love a DSLR, but for now my trustee little Olympus semi-point and shoot (it's got DSLR leanings) will have to do. It does FAB super-macro work (witness the pics on my blog) but the zoom is not really worth it. I'm looking forward to seeing what pics you come up with, so I can start planning my next purchase!

Morti #124

Lori said...

Oh my goodness!! This is the third post of yours I am commenting on today. Just had to go stalk your camera posts. LOVE IT!!!

This will be me in a few months. Just turn it until it clicks. LOL. (Love the first photo)

Will have to go see if you posted more about the camera. Oh ya, and continue hopping at WOYWW.

Lori Again #110