Saturday, June 15, 2013

{Random 5 Friday}

Linking up 5 random facts/observations for Nancy's Random 5 Friday

1. Why would anyone want to question our Prime Minister's partners sexuality? How rude? He deserves to be sacked!

2. Love the fire place but not too sure about the minus temperatures.

3. Missing my daughters very much.

4. Hubby's birthday this week, not sure what to do with that as he hates being the centre of attention. However I did manage to get a cake made and decorated with his motorbike on it and deliver it to his work. {I think he enjoyed being the centre of attention for once}

5. Can't wait to have grand clucky!
Random 5 Friday


Evelyn S. said...

That's right...autumn is there, isn't it? I wish we could have our present weather for at least 6 months of the year! How far away are your girls living? My sons will visit the second week of July for three days...and then we'll see them again at the wedding in August.

Barb said...

Bridget, Grandparenthood is the best! Enjoy your fire and keep warm. I love the balloon shot.

MaxineD said...

Try 6 oC with rain - be thankful you have a fireplace - they are as cheerful to sit in front of!! but then your fireplace is not in your (craft) dungeon.........
Love the balloons, and yes, grand-babies are fabulous!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Bridget -- thanks so much for joining in this week with your 5 facts! I enjoyed learning about you. Hope you can join in again. xo