Saturday, June 29, 2013

Random 5 Friday

1. Driving to snow country and saw this picture in the sky of ominous clouds atop a beautiful hill

2. What a week it has been, starting with hubby putting his good knee out which now requires an operation in 3 weeks time. So glad they could put him in so early so he doesn't damage it more.

3. Got abused by a customer who just couldn't wait to be served. The arrogance of some people is beyond me.

4. Enjoying the fireplace and the warmth it provides. Love sitting a kettle on top and letting the water boil as well as cooking on it.

5. Some wonderful news has come about which is not shareable at the moment.

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Ramble Ann said...

I used to work in a library and every so often had to wait on a mean impatient individual. Not fun! My husband is having knee replacement surgery next month. Actually they are replacing what has broken down. Very nice image! (:

Barb said...

Wonderful, moody photo. Good Luck to your husband. Impatient people must be miserable souls trying to make others miserable, too. Keep warm.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

That's a gorgeous photo Bridget with so much depth. I feel like I'm there!

Marie said...

Don't you hate it when people can be so rude and self-centered! But you can't let it ruin your day, and it looks like you didn't. Love that you've had some good news. Love that you enjoyed time by the fireplace. And your photo is wonderful! said...

Your photo image shows the country side very well -- it reminds me of some of the country around my area. I ditto your number 4 -- but right now it's summer for us and to think warm is not in the thoughts instead I am trying to stay cool - wink!

Shoshi said...

Sounds like a mixed bag, Bridget! I am glad you've got good news mixed in with the not-so-good.

Many thanks for your nice comment about the cake - yes, a great one to put in the village fete! My hubby always seems to win things...

Keep your eye out for me on WOYWW this week because I am going to try and join in!