Tuesday, February 11, 2014

T stands for Tuesdays

T stands for Tuesdays

Yes I have been AWOL, found out in December that we are moving interstate
to Sunny Queensland, Brisbane so it's  been busy busy busy organising this move.
Its always sad to say goodbye. This has been the longest state we have lived in, 6 years. 
The fruit is called BAEL, we first tried it at our Thai Massage place, they offer water or tea. I fell in love with this tea, it is so nice and because its a fruit, has no tannins in it.
I just realised you can toast it first, hmmmm here is the Toasted Recipe
Qualities of Bael Fruit
So these are three new mini teacups, the last two I bought I cracked both at work grrr, they are so thick one would think that they would survive a carpeted fall, oh well. The purple one I have bought to give as a present. The other two are mine- hopefully they will last longer than a few months lol.
Each cup holds 110ml or 4fl ozs, just enough to gulp down at work between customers, I love them. I had a client comment that if I didn't keep an eye on it, it would disappear into her bag-hee hee

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Congrats on your move. I saw your comment to Voodoo Vixen, so I hope the two of you can meet up before they move back to Scotland.

Your cups are beautiful. I was surprised, too, that these would break so easily. They look quite sturdy, even though they have such delicate designs.

I've never heard of Bael, so I'm sure it's probably exclusive to your part of the world. I'll do an internet search for it, though. Thanks for introducing it to me. That's one reason I love blogging. I learn so much with each person I visit. Thanks again.

It was good to see you back for T today. You've been missed. I'd offer to help with the move, but I live a bit too far away (grin).

Denise Price said...

Hi, Bridget! Your collection of cups there looks so beautiful. I think it would be hard to part with that purple one, but I'm sure the recipient of the gift will love it.

I had never heard of bael fruit before--thanks for the info. It sounds really good.

Best of luck with your move--I hope it goes smoothly. Happy T Day!

Vicki Miller said...

Ah love your beautiful cups. Most of my family live in QLD, but I am staying right here. Moving house is always so stressful, youwill need lots of cups of tea, I think.

see you there! said...

What pretty cups, such interesting designs on them. Moving is a big job, best of luck with it.


Halle said...

Those cups are so beautiful. The intricate design is lovely. Congrats on a successful move.
Happy Tuesday!

Divers and Sundry said...

oh, what beautiful cups! they would brighten my day. i think i would feel very elegant drinking from one. :)

dawn said...

WOW, these are so PRETTY!! I love the colors on each one. Surprised they would break that easily too. Good thing you have these ones now to enjoy. Good luck on your move, I know that can be hard. Thanks for sharing with us today and Happy T Day!

Dianne said...

Very beautiful teacups! and good luck with the move...maybe you haven't accumulated as much stuff since you move fairly frequently? I can't imagine trying to move all our stuff we've accumulated in 30 years...! happy T day!

Krisha said...

Hi Bridget,
The design on these cups are just gorgeous.
Thanks for the visit earlier, good to have you back in Blogland. Hope the move wasn't so awful bad.

Linda said...

I had never heard of that fruit before but I'd def. try it. Your tea cups are gorgeous and I'd be tempted like your customer :) Best of luck with your move and happy T day!

Rita said...

I've never seen or heard of that fruit, either. Such exotic little cups!
Moving is such a huge project. Best of luck with all the packing! Happy T-Day! :)

Maxine D said...

What a fascinating fruit!! Beautiful cups Bridget - why am I not surprised to see something to do with tea and tea cups on your blog :-).
All the best with the move - and may it bring you the warmth you so love.