Saturday, July 6, 2013

Random 5 Friday Tea Time!

1. I saw this tea sign in a tea shop (where else would you find tea accessories lol), and I told hubby I Just had to have it for a photo prop. I love my tea, all kinds of tea, you name it I love it TEA! TEA! TEA! I'm addicted to tea.

2. It is so cold here, my knees are complaining. Or am I just getting older! We're in negative digits some nights. So much so that most of this week flights have been cancelled or delayed and affects where I work.

3. Love our fireplace, it cooks and warms us up and is messy.

4. Husband is changing jobs, such a stressful week, when one family member changes jobs it affects the rest of the family-good thing we don't have a dog, he'd be whimpering with the stress too.

5. Going to meet up with an online friend all the way from the US of A today, can't wait. Met her on Julia's WOYWW, she calls herself Glitter Granny, I will meet her BFF Dee Dee as well. 


Evelyn S. said...

Negative digits? Celsius or Fahrenheit? I have a former student who teaches on South Island---he and his family (including his mother visiting from Arizona) are skiing right now. Michael is changing jobs again? Is that positive?

MaxineD said...

Oh I do so hope you enjoy your time with you online friend - that must be so special.

Argh - changing jobs is #@$%^&!

Yes the old negative temps are not good for the body, although we have been in the low plus's this week - thankfully, although that means rain...


Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

I forget about the different seasons in Australia -- we enjoy our woodstove in winter too -- but not the mess.

Have fun meeting your bloggy friends. How cool!