Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WOYWW # 214

My desks have been very busy for these last few weeks, getting kits ready for a crafting retreat at the end of July.
Cutting, stamping, cutting. I think my die cutting machines are surely screaming at me lol as my shoulders and arms are
Many dies laid out for all kits, mess every where
 It is a Christmas in July theme, 
I need this third table, it is so stable and I stamp on it as the foldaway tables arent sturdy enough

Check out this awesome gift a fellow WOYWWer gave to me, her blog name is Voodoo Vixen.
Found this at a tea shop and told Hubby I just had to have it
Hop on over to Julia's Stamping Ground for more desks


Evelyn S. said...

You are one productive crafter, Bridget! I work on one simple project for hours and make a horrible mess.

MaxineD said...

That is going to be one impressive retreat by the looks of it. What a busy lady you are Bridget.

Julie Ann Lee said...

Oh, a crafting retreat sounds just perfect and you are so well prepared! Wish I could come! Julie Ann x #54

Julie Ann Lee said...

Thanks for the lovely comment. I'm beginning to love my fridge so don't think I'll ask my Ice Fairies to fly over to you with it yet! But I will bear you in mind!

Deb said...

Love your work stations and all those fantastic dies, so pretty! Well done for getting so well prepared ahead of time, that looks like quite a task! I love dies but am a bit lazy when it comes to cutting them out!

Shaz Brooks said...

What a busy bunny you are! Love that word stack, awesome. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #41 xx

jill said...

Lovely work space & crafting projects. Happy woyww jill #48

Claire said...

wow! you are busy! a one-woman craft factory :)
happy WOYWW and have a blessed week :)
no. 35

Regina Hamilton said...

Love the samples on your desk. Looks as if that is going to be one fun retreat. Happy crafting #12

Shoshi said...

What lovely, busy, colourful desks, Bridget! It all looks a hive of industry, and I'm sooo envious - mine all being packed in boxes and being between 2 houses lol! I love your chest of drawers with the rainbow, too.

Many thanks for your lovely comment and I'm glad you're following progress on the new house on my blog. It will be so exciting finally to move in and have it all ship shape. Lots more photos to follow, I guarantee it!!

It's nice to be back on WOYWW now I've actually got something to show, even if it's not a conventional desk as such.

Happy WOYWW,

Uniflame said...

Wow! You surely have been busy!! But the retreat sounds fun! Uniflame - 71

Anne said...

Gosh you are a busy bee. Three desks hey. Well I suppose I have a huge dining table, large window sill, small desk and tops of cupboards and still spread into the kitchen :-). Would love to go to a craft retreat. Hope i all goes well. Happy WOYWW Anne x #65

Jackie said...

Busy busy busy...... That what it looks like a hive of activity by one women!!!! Have fun
Jackie 38

Liz Black said...

Wow, looks like a hive of activity and you sound like you have it all under control too! Thanks for sharing and happy woyww Liz@63 ps love the 'teatime' plaque, sums me up lol!

Ali H said...

No wonder your arms are aching ! So much going on ! Ali #28

Laura said...

The items for your crafting retreat look great. Yes, it's one of the unknown secrets of crafting how much of an upper body workout it can be! Hope you're having a marvelous week (and thanks for your WOYWW 211 visit, which I never got a chance to return until now!) ~ Laura #105

Eliza said...

You are a really production machine powering on and getting those kits done. Sometimes I just don't know how you do it. Love the tea time sign, lucky you.

Eliza & Yoda 81

ike said...

Ooooh - gorgeous goodies :-) I wish I was going to the Retreat.
Lovely to visit you.

IKE x #30

Julia Dunnit said...

Gawd you are busy. I think having work on three desks would do my head in - I'm such a one job at a time person! Love the tea time letters - perfect to hang over your kettle area!

voodoo vixen said...

That tea time is fab and will go so well with your tins you are collecting! You certainly look as though you have plenty of work on, making kits can be so tiring! Annette #4

Shoshi said...

Thanks for your comment Bridget - yes, not a nice test to have but I'm feeling quite reassured now, that the result will be OK. They do seem to have changed the rules a bit about what you can and can't have - she said eat lots of jelly babies for the energy. Perhaps people were passing out from lack of energy before.

So glad you're enjoying the process of renovation at our new house! Actually I'm not feeling any stress about it - just mega excitement and enjoyment! I wish I could be there every day to witness each step but that's not possible unfortunately. I don't think Andy is used to this level of enthusiasm and involvement - most of his customers want to be as far away as possible from all building work and just want to reappear once it's all finished! For me it's the process that's the exciting part, and seeing how the final result came into being.

I'm about to post about yesterday's progress on my ARThaven so "watch that space" lol!