Tuesday, July 1, 2014

T stands for Tuesday and WOYWW #265

T Stands for Tuesday/WOYWW #265

Went camping with the family on the weekend, I was requested to make a damper that wasn't rock hard as we have experienced previously. So I decided to try out a scone recipe that never fails.

Of course there has been no unpacking progress been done so no photos of the craft room to be shared.

Lemonade Scones

1 cup lemonade
1 cup cream
3 cups Self Raising Flour

Mix all ingredients with a fork, gently until they all come together. Pat into a round shape and level off. Use a cup/glass or scone cutter and cut rounds. Oil a diffuser and put into bottom of cast iron pot. Lay each scone side by side touching so they support each other as they rise up. Bake for about 20 minutes or until a skewer poked into the middle comes out clean.

Eaten with home made jam and cream and a nice cup of tea was awesome.


Note: Everyone (almost) takes beer camping so next time I will try using a can of beer instead of lemonade to see if that works. 

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EDITED: Julia questioned why it was called a "damper", here is the explanation of that word.

Damper is a traditional Australian soda bread prepared by swagmendroversstockmen and other travellers. It consists of a wheat flour based bread, traditionally baked in the coals of a campfire. Damper is an iconic Australian dish. It is also made in camping situations in New Zealand, and has been for many decades.
Damper was originally developed by stockmen who travelled in remote areas for weeks or months at a time, with only basic rations of flour, sugar and tea, supplemented by whatever meat was available.[1] The basic ingredients of damper were flour, water, and sometimes milk. Baking soda could be used for leavening. The damper was normally cooked in the ashes of the camp fire. The ashes were flattened and the damper was placed in there for ten minutes to cook. Following this, the damper was covered with ashes and cooked for another 20 to 30 minutes until the damper sounded hollow when tapped. Alternatively, the damper was cooked in a greased camp oven.[2] Damper was eaten with dried or cooked meat or golden syrup, also known as "cocky's joy".
Damper is also a popular dish with Indigenous Australians. Aboriginal women had traditionally madebush bread from seasonal grains and nuts, which they cooked in the ashes of fires.[citation needed] It also became a popular dish for recreational campers and has become available in bakeries. Many variations and recipes exist, some authentic, others using the name to sell a more palatable bread product to the urban public.



Maxine D said...

I have also made lemonade scones in a conventional oven and they are great that way too :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This sounds really easy, and I'd also make mine in a conventional oven. I even have all the ingredients, too (grin).

Thanks for sharing this recipe that can be enjoyed with tea any day.

dawn said...

Hello and Happy T Day! I haven't heard of these before, they sound so yummy. Thank you for the recipe and I will give them a try in our oven. Have a wonderful day!

see you there! said...

You are a clever camping cook. These look good.


~*~Patty S said...

Camp scones!
now that is one fine treat...
they look and sound delicious...
thank you for sharing.
Happy T Day and
Happy July!

Halle said...

Those sound delish! My girl has been all about baking lately...maybe we'll try this today.

Dianne said...

oh my goodness, I love lemon anything! This sounds divine! great pic too...happy Tuesday!

Divers and Sundry said...

Sounds perfect with tea. :) Thx for the recipe. Happy T Tuesday!

Linda K said...

ooh my hubby is going to LOVE these-thanks for the easy-peasy recipe! I'll prob. make some next week since I just finished making a French breakfast cake and 24 raisin bran muffins:) Happy T day!

jinxxxygirl said...

MMmmm... they look good! We always made Dump Cake when we went camping. Hugs! deb

Nancy said...

OMGosh :) quick and easy scones! I love anything with lemon, so I may have to try this :) thanks for the recipe, hope your Tuesday is awesome!

Ariel said...

I have never had this. This looks like a simple recipe. Thank you for sharing it here. Might give it a try.
Have a great eek

Rita said...

My, don't those look and sound delicious! The lemonade should give them a little zing.
Happy T-Day! :)

Ohhh Snap said...

You've inspired me to try my Dutch oven next time I go camping! Sounds like a delicious treat with tea.

Robyn said...

cooked on an open fire that looks incredibly yum!

Helen said...

Have never heard of lemonade scones, but they sound fantastic! helen 2

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Bridget, yuuum, they look delicious, and yes we've enjoyed the odd camp oven damper/scones...ow makes me hungry thinking about it. Happy WOYWW and have a super week RobynO#8

Julia Dunnit said...

What a fascinating recipe B! And erm, can't work out why it's called a Damper either.....probably something to do with your outdoorsy lifestyles down under!

Gillian Pearce said...

Lemonade scones. What a great recipe. Will have to get my partner on those. :-)
Have a fun week
Gillian #28

glendabrooks.blogspot.com said...

Your scones look fantastic! Thanks for sharing the recipe as well! Might just have to try that one!
Glenda #41

jan spencer said...

Well your scones look great, mine usually turn out like rocks, I will have to try your recipe but in the oven as my DH loves them.

Jan S 46

glitterandglue said...

Yum! They look and sound great.
Margaret #9

Eliza said...

Now you have made me hungry and I want lemonade scones with jam and cream. It's nearly 4 am and I'm in Geelong. They are the best scones, my bestie showed me how to make them last year and they are yummy.

No desk for me yet will later today
Hugs Eliza

Paper rainbow said...

I am a HUGe scone fan, so to find a new recipe is very exciting, I have never heard of lemonade scones and am intrigued, must give them a go this weekend!! Thank you for sharing.
morag 34

Ali H said...

Fun baking - and you know what they say - food eaten outdoors doesn't have any calories !! Ali #5

Angela Radford said...

The scones look lovely and easy to make. The word 'Damper' is interesting, I always thought it refered to the damping down of the coals which is what we used to do when we had coal fires but there is also another theory that it helps to fill you up like a yorkshire pudding would and there is an old Lancashire word Damping the appetite which means just that.
Happy crafting and have a great week, Angela x # 48

Nan G said...

Well now that you us all drooling or rushing out to make lemonade scones, you can rest. ;) Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #53

Diane Baker-Williams said...

Thank you for enlightening us on Dampers, I never heard of them before this. Do love scones and have pinned your recipe to try this week.

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Bridget,

Yum! I just had lunch but could sure use a snack..... We have dampers in our fireplaces -- not quite the same thing as you describe. Thanks for the verbage lesson. It's interesting to see the different expressions and spellings of words from different parts of the world.

I cheated and didn't show my desk either as there isn't much to see. I'm still unpacking boxes from the storage unit.

Happy belated WOYWW
Peace, Kay (60)