Tuesday, July 22, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday

Firstly I feel very honoured that Bluebeard and Elizabeth's has my current 
hometown Brisbane's clock  on her blog.
Today I am show casing my tea implements that I use.
This tea infuser is best for my teapot, I have tried to put tea leaves into this teapot and 
its a pain to take out when I want to clean the pot
These are the spoons I use, the silver ones says A PERFECT CUP OF TEA, the others I use for sugar especially if my sugar holder is deep, this allows the sugar to stay in the spoon unlike normal spoons where it slides off
 These are the many tea infusers I use, the long thin ones are great for Asian teas, as the infusers are very small and you only need a few tea leaves for Asian tea unlike black tea where I like it strong and need lots more tea leaves.

EDITED 23 July : Rita asked what Asian tea was, well I googled it and this site showed me more Asian tea than I knew existed. What I mean by Asian tea are the ones that have large leaves and some are rolled up into balls and these teas don't require milk. It is infused and drunk black.

And lastly my gorgeous tiny teacups, as you can see the size comparison to a normal cup. The purple one is the largest, the black one is the smallest. I love the ridges in the white one

Joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T for Tuesdays Meme to see what other beverages hail from around the world.


Robyn said...

loving this tour through your collection!
the tiny cups!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have a SMALL collection of infusers, but NOTHING like your collection. I've never seen the long, thin kind before. They are unique, I believe.

I am thrilled that you shared these beautiful tea additions, as well as the beautiful cups and saucers that would go nicely with an espresso or a small cup of strong black tea (which sounds like the way you and I like it).

Maxine D said...

Gorgeous tea impliments Bridget - I have a tea-spoon, a two sided spoon that is holey - works on the same principle as your infuser, I inherited from my mother.

Linda K said...

that is quite the collection-thanks for sharing the info about them too-I had never seen the long infusers!

see you there! said...

We are on the same wave length. I posted about a demitasse cup too. Yours are very pretty. What a great collection of infusers as well.


~*~Patty S said...

Fun to see your 'tea'phernalia and lovely cup collection!
Happy T Day Bridget...

Divers and Sundry said...

I have a couple of infusers like yours, but I've never seen anything like some of the ones you have.

I usually use a mug for tea. I may still have a demitasse cup or two around here, though. I should try it.

Happy Tea Day! :)

Dianne said...

I had no idea there were so many sizes & shapes of tea infusers! quite a fun post...loved the comparisons of the cups, and I have a thing for white ceramic so I really like your tea pot! happy T day!

Krisha said...

Fun and interesting post, quite enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.
Happy T-day

Craftymoose Crafts said...

It was fun to see your collection and beautiful little tea cups! I only have two infusers-one is a typical ball and the other a spoon that separates when you squeeze the handle. I like the one that fits over a cup.

Hettie said...

What a great post. I love seeing your infusers...you have a great collection. Your cups are so pretty. I shall have to get my best bone china ones out one week. They only come out for Royalty (ok Mum in Law!) Shame really as I love them!

Rita said...

What fun to see all your goodies! But I have to ask you, what do you mean by Asian tea? What kind of tea is that? I have never seen the long thin infusers before. I really like those. Happy T-Day! :)

Ariel said...

Great collection Your tea cups are beautiful.
Have a great week

Halle said...

Wow! you certainly have quite the collection. I have 2 infusers...and I really only drink hot tea during the cold months. :)
Love your cups and saucers...