Tuesday, July 15, 2014

T stands for Tuesday

 Love my gorgeous cups from Thailand

Had my craft friend Annette Jebb over for a day visit, I found out she loves tea as well so I treated her with my special Bael tea, well I did not toast the Bael as per the link, I will do next time.
I also added some honey and I cooked the water and the bael and honey to infuse it better.
Heart diseases
Gastro protection properties
Cholesterol control
Antimicrobial properties
Anti inflammatory properties
Dysentery and Diarrhoea
Cures acidity and mouth ulcers
Controls diabetes
Asthma and cold resistance

4 cups water
2 slices Bael fruit
Toast Bael fruit on grill or in toaster oven for 1 minutes.

Making tea:
Boil hot water and pour over fruit and infuse. 
I boil water fruit and honey until water turns a rich colour. Honey is to taste, I usually put 2 tsp.
Love this tea for its unique flavour and doesn't have tannin in it.

Joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth apparently for a 1 year anniversary.
August 6, 2013 was my first T Tuesday post

This is my favourite T for Tuesday post because I had 99% of the family at our house to celebrate my daughter Emma's 21st surprise birthday party


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is a new one for me. I've never heard of Bael fruit, or of making tea from it. Sounds like you and your friend enjoyed yourselves, though.

Your cups are simply stunning. The designs are so beautiful and the colors so rich. I was truly impressed with their beauty.

Thanks for joining us this week for T Stands for Tuesday. I learned something new, and that's a really good thing!

Robyn said...

If I had a bael I would def make tea from it. Yes lovely cups! and sweet tiny tea pot!

Maxine D said...

Now that sounds like a tea I could REALLY enjoy - one day....

Krisha said...

Happy T-day Bridget!
Stunning tea cups, so very pretty.
Bael tea really sounds like something I would be interested in, even though I would have to have my coffee in the AM......LOL
But I am going to look at the sight you gave, then see if I can find some locally.
Thanks for sharing.

dawn said...

Hello and Happy T Day! Your cups are gorgeous! How nice to enjoy tea with a friend. I haven't heard of this Bael before but sounds so neat to make and yummy. Thanks for sharing how to and the link. Have a wonderful week.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You asked!! I have Kimmie to thank for starting this ritual many years ago: in fact, long before I joined. Somewhere along the way, I think she lost interest and we didn't have any links. We just added our post name in our comments. One day we no longer had Tea on Tuesday, but a few of us kept up with the ritual.

Then Divers and Sundry said how much she wished this weekly tea event was a bit more organized. That's when a couple of us talked and decided to, out of respect for Kimmie, name it something other than Tea Tuesday. I agreed to take it over and that's when the linky was born. I hope that answered your question.

BTW, my e-mail is NOT working properly. It spews out spam, so I know you weren't talking to me!

~*~Patty S said...

How interesting and such lovely cups too!
Happy T Day

Divers and Sundry said...

Those cups are beautiful! A lovely pattern and shape. From Thailand, you say? I'll be keeping an eye out for something similar.

I've never heard of this fruit or Bael tea. Sounds like it'll cure what ails me, no matter what that happens to be. Something else for me to watch for. Thx!

Happy T Tuesday :)

Linda K said...

those cups are stunning-really lovely colors and patterns! never heard of that fruit or tea-thanks for sharing and happy T day!

Eliza said...


Your china is so beautiful but I don't know what this fruit is, never seen or heard of it before now, so you are going to have to enlighten me more, but I don't think I am the only one LOL

Happy Tuesday
Hugs Eliza

Dianne said...

Sounds like I need some of that tea for my ailments! Gorgeous tea cup dear...have a terrific T day!

Denise Price said...

Wow, that tea set is gorgeous with a capital G!

It sounds like bael is rumored to be quite the cure-all. :)

I like the post you chose as a favorite. Time spent with family is the best time.

Happy T a Day! :)

jinxxxygirl said...

Lovely cups my friend! Have a wonderful T day! Hugs! deb

Ohhh Snap said...

Beautiful cup!

Rita said...

Yes, they are lovely cups. :) I have never heard of bael. Glad you had time with your fiend. Nothing better than crafting with someone who shares your passion. Happy T-Day anniversary! :)

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Any tea in those beautiful cups, especially with a friend, would have to be tasty! Happy T anniversary!

dawn said...

Hi again, I saw your comment on my post. You can't see the pictures because you need to click on the link to it. If you go back and read it, my name dawn is there in the sentence and you can just click on it. Hope this helps, it's my first time doing it and was happy it worked. Let me know if you need more help.

Ariel said...

Your tea cups are so pretty. They have such detailed work on them. Thank you for sharing about this new type of tea. I think it is so healthy like the green tea.
Wish you a lovely week

see you there! said...

Bael fruit and tea are new to me. I'll have to go on a hunt now. I don't have such a pretty cup to put it in though.


Hettie said...

Those cups are absolutely beautiful. I bet tea tastes wonderful in those cups.
That tea sounds fascinating. I will have to try and see if I can find some in the UK.