Friday, August 1, 2014

Photo A Day 1

This photo was taken on Bribie Island Queensland Australia 
It takes 1 hr to drive from our place, we hope to go camping there one day as its a gorgeous place

I have a dear friend from my native homeland Fiji Trish Charan, I was watching her facebook feed and saw her post A Photo A Day some time back and on enquiring found out she follows this Meme by Chantelle (Fat Mum Slim). And loving photography (when I remember to take my camera and take photos where ever I go) I thought I'd give it a go. The first month I tried but I gave up as I 
couldn't keep up, Trish however did a photo a day

August Photo a Day

If you'd like to play along, hope over to Chantelle's Blog, facebook


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Maxine D said...

Looking forward to seeing you photographs Bridget - the treee is stunning.