Saturday, August 9, 2014

Photo A Day 9

Everyday I have to mix these two starters.
I have started an Amish Friendship Bread Starter of my own
I have read how wonderful these breads are but you need the starter or sourdough.
So these are two batches going which was started on 29 Jul.
The one on the left uses a yeast and takes 10 days.

The one on the right takes 28 days and uses no yeast.
I made a little table so I wouldn't forget what day I was on LOL

 The above starter after 10 days with the yeast is ready to be used

Thats the quantity you get.
Here are links to this recipe 
Chocolate Amish Friendship Bread
Strawberry Vanilla Amish Friendship Bread

EDITED: 10 August 2014, I completely forgot and used a stainless steel spoon
to mix and left the spoon in the mix overnight...
well below is the link to this myth and my sourdough is still alive hahaha!!
If you'd like to play along, hope over to Chantelle (Fat Mum Slim) Blog or facebook


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Maxine D said...

Those look interesting - I have tried a friendship cake years ago - but was not impressed at the time. I hope you enjoy these.