Tuesday, September 2, 2014

T for Tuesday

I went to my favourite Tea shop called T2 they had this tea for sampling, Of course whenever I go visit them I always taste the tea on offer and inevitably buy something that I have tasted. 
Clever marketing!!
 I also found the perfect lighting to take my photographs...in the bathroom, of all places. The window is really tiny and high up but is enough diffused lighting to make a pretty clear picture. You can see my photographic setup HERE
 I also found this mason jar/glass that is the in thing these days, I dont know if I like the straw permanently in it but for $2 one can't go wrong in experimenting. I added mint from my garden, raw honey (after I tasted it and found it needed something sweet). The sample at the store had ice in it and I thought I'd try it hot as it still abit cool here. Well I prefer the cold version so I popped some water into ice cube trays and will test out the cooler version tomorrow.

That mason jar is driving me crazy, I cant have the lid on to suck out of the straw, its needs air, so off the lid goes. not sure how long the straw will last although it is a good quality one.

This is the Rosehip tea.

Joining Bluebeard and Elizabeth for T for Tuesday Meme


Maxine D said...

Interesting combination of flavours there Bridget - and a great photo!! Hmm - mason jars and permanent straws - probably not my choice... Can you drink by just loosening the top of the jar?

Robyn said...

Love the color of the tea, and that is a great photo!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Beautiful colours in your drink. It looks really refreshing. Happy T day :D

Linda Kunsman said...

It sure does look good! I bought a mason jar with a lid and straw for $1. Got rid of the straw and use the jar and lid on my art table as a rinsing jar:) Happy T day!

Krisha said...

Sounds good and looks very pretty.

I have know many people that take photos in their bathrooms for the same reason. My house is so dark all the time, I just might have to try it myself......grin

Happy T-day

froebelsternchen Susi said...

fab photo - and the color of the tea is amazing!
Happy T-Day!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

A good friend sent me some T2. I've not opened the box yet. She said the place they make it is not far from her house.

I use a straw in every container I own. It's especially handy when you are driving and want a drink. You can sip the drink and never loose sight of the road. As for the glass jar, it's cute, but cute sometimes is not the same as functional.

Thanks for sharing T2 (and glass jar) with us for T this Tuesday.

see you there! said...

Seems you found a place with the right light because the photo came out really well. I haven't seen the jar/mug in our area. Cute idea but maybe not too practical.


Divers and Sundry said...

That drink is beautiful! I love the pieces of fruit in it. Looks like a drink for a sunny day on the patio :)

Rita said...

The tea looks interesting, but that permanent straw business would bother me, I know. Those kind of mugs were popular many years ago. I had a set for years. They must be coming back in style again.
Happy T-Day! :)

Dianne said...

oh I love the mason jar mug...and your photo set-up is brilliant! enjoyed seeing it and reading your explanation 'cause my photography leaves a lot to be desired! ooh...great packaging color on that tea package too...I am a hopeless color addict. :)

Hettie said...

I just love the sound of your tea and your photo is gorgeous. I want one of those glasses. Now to look up T2 to see if there is one where I am going later this year!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

That a nice looking cup of tea! Never thought of adding fresh fruit to my tea.

Carol said...

Great looking mug of tea and you are so right about the lighting being perfect for the photo.