Friday, August 16, 2013

It Started...countdown to 21...2nd post

My brother's are in charge of the shopping list, they told me I needed 4 large pumpkins, luckily we had a great crop this year. Can't wait to plant more this year and watch my babies grow.
Chairs and ice boxes ready

Found this in a party shop, as I don't drink-I don't have shot glasses. For my 50th birthday they used my glass beaker as a shot glass lol, this year I am prepared for the Y Generation!!!
The coconut cream is going in one of my favourite dishes Palusami, recipe HERE 
We are going to cook ours two ways, wrapped in silverbeet leaves and inside a pumpkin...yummmmmmmmm
This corned beef goes into the Palusami, I love the large tin, now what can I do with it when it's empty tee hee, will have to make sure no one throws it away.
So it's a secret surprise 21st for my youngest daughter Emma, she will know as soon as she gets here in a couple of hours, in fact she will get an idea when her big sister takes her to the airport and picks her cousin up from New Zealand and they drive 3  hours up to us where the party will be held. I hope they have gotten some sleep because there won't be any sleep happening when they get here. They will be taking their cousins shopping tomorrow to get some silver, black and purple clothing/accessories for the colour theme of the party.
Busy day today as everyone is arriving, airport trips to pick up and more shopping and cooking the curry chicken tonight yummmm!!!!
She's on the road now and she doesn't read my blog, at least I don't think so lol.

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MaxineD said...

How awesome Bridget - love it. I think I tasted something like Palusami when I went to Tonga - yum!