Wednesday, August 7, 2013

WOYWW #218

I have not been in my craft room for ages so I have a boring craft desk. However I'd like to share with you a surprise parcel that Ginny of Maxam Made, another WOYWW sent to me that contained these gorgeous papers. I know she has a wonderful giving heart to send a stranger something so beautiful halfway across the world.
Thank you Ginny!!
To the left are my work rosters. 
Ginny made this gorgeous card for me as well. I am so blessed to have met people so nice, from around the world.

I store all my stuff on a usb stick so I can free up memory on my laptop, I had a 32gb usb stick that finally got fully so I bit the bullet and went and got a 64gb one. This is how long it took to transfer my 32gb over to my 64 gb LOL
My friend Celina fed me this wonderful soup made with lamb shanks  well I just had to go home and make it myself and ended up with a pot full to feed an army lol. Sorry its not nice to take a bite out of the toast before I offer it to you is it!! I've written the recipe HERE so I can remember how to make it next winter but you are most welcome to try and make it yourself and let me know how you go.
This plaque is so true, I usually give my creations to people who really appreciate what goes on behind the scenes
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MaxineD said...

Oh Bridget, love those papers and the card is fabulous too.

sandra de said...

Yummy... it is perfect weather for soup. I will have to check out the recipe asap. Have a lovely week.
Sandra @46

Julie Ann Lee said...

Fab papers, how very generous, but then I've found so much kindness and generosity in the land of craft blogging. I love the sentiment in that plaque. Thank you so much for sharing - and what's a bite out of the toast between friends?! Julie Ann xx #41

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

Those are such nice papers. What a very nice thing for her to do!

susibee said...

Lucky you, such gorgeous papers.

Happy WOYWW. Susi #63

Francesca said...

Lucky you the papers are great. I cook Lamb shanks for my hubby, I don't eat it but he seems to love it.Francewca #68

trisha too said...

Now THAT was some happy, happy mail! Such gorgeous papers, and a beautiful postcard, too!

Happy WOYWW to you, Bridget!
#17 this week

Shoshi said...

What a great post, Bridget, so full of interest. Those papers are gorgeous, and what a lovely parcel to receive in the post, with the stunning tiger card as well.

Your screen grab of how long you had to wait for the photos to be transferred onto your memory stick made me laugh! We have this thing all the time if we are downloading from the Internet because our "broad"band "speed" is a joke.

Love the bite out of the toast! It adds realism! That meal looks so delicious it's making my mouth water, with the fabulous looking bread with the seeds and the butter melting so enticingly...

I love the plaque. How true those words are! I feel like putting this on the back of every card I make, because people treat hand-made cards like shop ones and dump them in the bin, and I find this really demoralising!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #75

Roberta B said...

Hello, Im Roberta 106, Im on my 2nd week of this and looking at every ones goodies has really got me doing I cant wait till mine looks nice and tidy. Thanks for letting me peek around. Bright Blessing to you and yours

Shaz Brooks said...

Fab pics- love the buttered seeded toast! The papers are awesome, as is the sentiment at the end. Those who don't craft really do not understand how much time & love & effort goes into every creation- then whinge that they think its expensive!Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #48xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh buttered toast...i could live on it! Ginny is so generous indeed..I've had a package of beautiful card stiock. Bet you'll enjoy using those papers!

Lynda Norton said...

Love that plaque.

The lamb shanks look good too. The papers caught my attention too, loving all this happy mail that goes around.

Lynda #82

glitterandglue said...

What a lovely parcel to receive. Think of all the fun using everything... Soup looks good. We love lamb shanks as a roast meal - never thought of making soup with them. Here in Wales cawl is very popular - made with scrag bits of lamb - and simply delicious!!!
Have a great week.
Margaret #68

Danie May said...

What wonderful happy mail from Ginny and I am loving that plaque. Those words are so true. Happy WOYWW! Danie #14

Gita said...

Gorgeous paper you received. I love old maps and such. Very cool. Wow, lots of stuff on those USB's! Brigita #108

Janene McAnally said...

Hi Bridget! Love the papers, and card that Ginny made for you! What a lovely gift. It has been so cold hasn't it, so I am thinking that lamb shank soup sounds pretty good about now to warm these old bones lol!! Love the artist saying, I have seen this before and it is just so true isn't it :-)!! Happy WOYWW.
Janene #22

fairy thoughts said...

you have some very happy mail on your desk and some gorgeous food in your tummy
have a great week
janet #27

Kimberly Hogan said...

Your posts need a scratch n' sniff. You always show the yummiest stuff. I just wanna lick my screen. I've never had lamb, but I might give it a go. That stew look scrumptious!!! What amazing words of wisdom in that quote. Need to turn that into an embroidered sampler. What a nice gift from Ginny. Can't wait to see what you do with your new goodies. Well Now that you have freed up 32GB on your laptop, you need to spend some time this weekend finding new projects/recipes to fill it up. Have a great weekend. (((HUGS)))

Kim Ferguson said...

Love, love the plague. Also, love the camera background you have. I am a yearbook advisor and love photography. I would so love to be better at it, but take my time to work on other things than to learn how to take better photos. Choices! Kim 56

okienurse said...

great desk and card~ I read the soup post and wonder if I can reproduce it here in the us. Love the sound of it. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

Maxam Made said...

Hi Bridget!! I missed this weeks work desk! I am glad you got the papers and are enjoying them and thank you for you kind words!! I love the soup and toast picture! I saved the recipe and I am going to try it, we love soup!!
I hope you have a great week and I hope to post this next weeks' WOYWW!
Ginny M

Eliza said...

So sorry I am getting around late this week, work got in the way again. That poem is so true. Wish I could have some of that soup to warm me up.

Hugs Eliza & Yoda 24