Wednesday, August 21, 2013

WOYWW #220

 Look what I found in my craft room this week!! My sister who lives in New Zealand came for my daughters 21st and she wanted to play in my craft room. I was too tired to craft so I just sat and watched her. You can see progressive photos of the surprise party Food cooking preparation 1st post and 2nd post and 3rd post and 4th post
I went to our yearly craft show last Thursday and went to a make and take class of hat pin beads, it was nice to sit there and make something. Aren't they gorgeous?

I made my lamb shank soup for my family and it was a hit, I didn't make enough because I didn't think anyone would like it, well obviously when its made the night before it tastes really good. This time I made it on the stove and I had no potatoes so I put in Dalo which we had left from the Lovo (well if you follow the link, its says dalo is a herb, we eat it like a root crop similar to potato).

Here is the recipe from my dear friend Sandra

This quantity makes a 5 litre slow cooker

½ cup dried soup mix                                                 ½ cup green soup mix
4 beef stock cubes                                                       7 cups boiling water
2 lamb shanks                                                             3-4 potatoes
2 x 500g tin Rosetta condensed tomato soup             2 chopped onions
½ cup celery (optional)                                              1 kg frozen mixed vegetables

Place ½ cup dried soup mix, ½ cup green soup mix, 4 beef stock cubes and 7 cups boiling water. Cover with lid and set to high.
I usually do this at least 8 hours before adding the next ingredient. I have often left this cooking longer depending on when I have time to proceed to next step as it doesn't seem to make any difference if it is cooked longer but it does make a difference if not cooked long enough. I have left it cooking for 24 hours but dropped the setting to low for this length of time and it is O.K. at this stage.

I usually add the 2 lamb shanks and 1 X 500g tin of Rosetta condensed tomato soup when I first get up in the morning set on low. Make sure that the soup is mixed in well. Stir occasionally but remember to keep the lid on.

Late that night (usually when I get home from work), I add 3-4 potatoes and 2 chopped onions — leave setting on low. Optional to add ½ cup sliced celery if you want to.
Early the next morning, microwave I kilo of frozen mixed vegetables and add to the soup and cook on high setting with the lid on for a further 2-3 hours, stirring frequently as the soup can stick if you don't!!!!

As the slow cooker is usually pretty full, I add a second 500g tin of tomato soup after all cooking is finished. Remove from cooker and store in the fridge.

Thanks for all your wonderful caring messages about my thumb, it's healing well but taking an awfully long time, tendon injury takes forever to heal but I am really glad it isn't broken or fractured.

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MaxineD said...

What fun your sister must have had - and that soup looks fabulous.... can nearly smell it from here :-).

Neet said...

Fab food, fantastic pins and a lovely shot of your craft room (your sister does suit that green colour). Got so much envy for your craft room right now.
Have I missed last week's secret in its reveal form?

Hugs, Neet 32 xx

Shoshi said...

Bridget, your posts are always so mouth-watering - literally and figuratively lol! The soup looks absolutely delicious, and the hat pins so beautiful. Lovely to share your creative space! It's such a lovely big room.

Many thanks for your lovely comment - glad you've enjoyed sharing the journey with me to a wonderful new ARThaven. It's not finished yet! Busy day tomorrow trying to get as much stuff in as possible before Mum's furniture arrives on Fri. and I have to concentrate on sorting her stuff in advance of our move, which is now set to happen Mon. 16th Sept. The end is definitely in sight!!

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #94

Sandy said...

Food looks yummy and your pins are lovely. Lol at your sister.. Happy 21st to your daughter..
Sandy :) #64

Carole said...

Wow what a great space to craft, your sister looks quite at fun:)

sandysewin said...

If I visited your craft room I'd want to play, too!

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #4

Ria Gall said...

Hi Bridget
your sister looks right at home in your craft room I hope you managed to do a little crafting together.
Loving the hat pins
Have a really great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
Hugs Ria #85

Helen said...

Great photos, hope you had fun with your sister. Have a good week.

Laura said...

What a fun and funny picture of your sister! Happy 21st to your daughter. Your hat pins are lovely. Sorry to hear about your thumb injury. I had a partial tear of the tendon in my elbow in February, so I can commiserate about how long it takes to heal! Happy WOYWW from Laura #116

glitterandglue said...

The hat pins are great, Bridget - well done. That soup looks So yummy - can almost smell it - lamb shank is a delicious cut of meat. Trust the birthday celebrations went well.
have a great week.
Margaret #55

Julie Ann Lee said...

Loving your hatpins! They are just beautiful. A kind fellow crafter, Dianne sent me two beautiful ones in some happy mail a while back and I am saving them to use in a special project. So glad the soup went down well - ha ha! It's so nice when people appreciate what we cook! Hope that thumb is soon completely healed. Julie Ann xx #35

kattera22 said...

Happy WOYWW! You have a great craft space! I hope you are having a blast hanging out with your sister!!

-Tera #124

Danie May said...

I am pleased to hear your thumb is on the mend and sounds like you are having a wonderful time with family close. What a great full view of your craft room this week, it definitely looks like a great place to create and I am just loving your gorgeous hat pins.. Hope you have a great week. Danie #17

Gita said...

How fun to have your sister visit. My oldest sis is moving 7 doors down from me in the next couple months. They already bought the house and have been in/out preparing. So excited. Brigita #108

Kim Ferguson said...

Love your hat pin. Thanks for your comment last week. I have felt so welcomed here, still a bit overwhelmed in the work to get around yet alone go back to comments. Phew! Kim #52

Lynda Norton said...

oh noooooooooo, with the food again and the pictures of it, sounds and looks so good. Nice pic of your sister in your lovely room.

Lynda #96

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Really enjoyed seeing the photo of your sis in your craft room. As you know, I saw the other photos earlier, but I'm still not sure about that soup.

Love the hatpins. They are so elegant. And don't forget to let that thumb mend. Torn ligaments are nothing to sneeze at. Happy slightly belated WOYWW from #10.

voodoo vixen said...

Hi Bridget, your sister looks quite at home in your craft space, the soup looks delish and your hat pins are fabulous! Apologies for my late arrival of doing the round of WOYWW desks! Annette #6