Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's a Surprise 21st party for Emma

I didn't realise I had bought so much drinks until the teenagers commented that they had never seen so much drink for such a small party-we had 26 guests in all coming and most were teetotallers lol. Thats my eldest daughter Keira pretending to eat the fresh salmon that my brother hung up to dry.
Here's the birthday girl with her cakes in a silver, black and purple colour scheme.The cake had a Nikon camera (she uses a canon LOL)
Here's my baby girl with her cakes, bottom left is her and I and middle bottom photo is me, Emma and Keira.

She was overwhelmed as each relative and guest started arriving the day before the party which was Friday. It certainly was a wonderful weekend but I am so tired as I survived on 3 hours sleep each night.



MaxineD said...

What a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy your sleep now :-)

Neet said...

I found it! (see my post above WOYWW posting)
What a lovely birthday and what beautiful girls.
That cake is amazing!
Hugs, Neet xx