Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WOYWW #275 and Cauliflower Recipe

These two photos show the progress I have been making in unpacking, I am standing at the computer end of the room. The white cupboard took me 2 hours to move is now in the middle of the room. Here is the story of why it took me 2 hours to move. You can see the bathroom door in the middle half open where I discovered in THIS POST that I could take the perfect photo in there of all places.

 The photo above and below is taken from the other end of the room, looking towards the computer desks. Tables are out and boxes are down. All looks a little hodgepodge right now as nothing is in its place. The white cupboard will hold all the dies and embossing folders, I decided I would dedicate a whole cupboard to it as the collections are expanding. I get my exercise just walking from one end of the room to the other LOL
We will be picking up a 12 seater dining table (don't ask me where I am going to fit it), and a chest of drawers and a buffet and hutch. I will have to make them all fit, at a bargain price of $500 we couldn't pass up this offer as they are all very hard wood and in perfect condition. Stay tuned for more photos of these new additions.
For the foodies who visit, I made some cauliflower soup which was delicious, so hubby reckons, I didn't get to eat any because it went off before I could try it hahahaha so today I am making some more. 
Here is the RECIPE if you'd like to make it.
You can check out the refreshing drinks I've been making lately HERE

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Maxine D said...

WOW what an area Bridget - it is huge!! and that cupboard just for dies - that must be some collection :-).

Nikki C said...

Your space us coming along. Congrats on the new table look forward to seeing it
Hugs Nikki no # yet

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Mm partial to cauliflower soup have made it lots too... must say Bridget I wondered why you have so many tables there?? maybe you have classes? happy WOYWW! Shaz in oz.x. #no number yet!

Helen said...

coo, your studio is the size of my entire flat I think! what a wonderful space it is.. can't wait to see it with everything put away in it's place. Good luck with that...! Helen 6

Belinda Basson said...

I grew up on this soup as a kid, long before this popularity phase it is having now! You have a huge space with tons in it. Good luck fitting more in! #17

sandra de said...

Now that is an amazing space to craft and I am in awe of all your supplies.
Sandra de @26

Chrysalis said...

What an amazing space - you could fit the whole of my ground floor in it! I hope you get lots of unpacking done quickly, leaving you some time to play with all those goodies. Have a great WOYWW, Chris # 34

fairy thoughts said...

Looks like a marathon going from one end to the other.... I'm sure you will fit the table in once you have emptied a few more boxes .... Have fun and I'll keep tuned to see the progress
Janet @9

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Good grief, that room is enormous! You could hold craft lessons in there. blimey, it's bid enough to hold a WOYWW crop in there, lol! You must be fed up of sorting by now....
Hugs, LLJ 30 xx

Mrs.D said...

What a space!
Are you planning to teach in there, you could get about 30 people in there will plenty of room to spare.
Chris #11

glitterandglue said...

Goodness, Bridget. That room is ENORMOUS! Trust you soon get all sorted and ready for whatever is the next stage.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #4

Hazel said...

That is certainly a mega space! Interested to see how things take shape as you get more settled in. Thanks for sharing your workspace today. Hope you have a great day and a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #45 x


OMG this space just for your art stuff??....freakin hell...I have a small spare room(FITS A SINGLE BED AND A COMPUTER DESK AND THAT'S IT). I'm living in the same state now so maybe I should come and visit to just drool over te stash LOL. Happy WOYW
Annette In Ox #46

Annie Claxton said...

Blimey!!! I could totally live in that space and never come out :o) Happy WOYWW Annie C #57

Angie said...

Too much for me! I need less stuff smaller space or I get panicky! Have fun arranging!
Angie #61

Anonymous said...

OMG! What a huge working space!! I really envy you!
Gabriele 33

Carole said...

WOW I'll have to show that to my husband when he says things like
"you've got a lot of stuff" A whole closet for do you decide? It is sure to be a fabulous creative space...good for you,
Be well ~ Carole #71

Anonymous said...

That room is looking FAB! So HUGE. Might try the recipe - I like cauliflower, and get a little tired of DHs favourite version (roasted with Nigella seeds and turmeric, onions and garlic) so always on the lookout for another option.

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (2)

Eliza said...

How many tables do you have to work on Bridget? Such a lot of stuff to play with.


Regina Hamilton said...

That's a huge space. So many tables and supplies. Love it #56

Julia Dunnit said...

How about -and this is just an idea I'm throwing out there - how about you use the new wooden furniture to REPLACE some of the furniture you have already...after all it's only to put stuff on!!
When you've finally finished unpacking..what will you do? II don't thinkm I've ever seen you actually crafting!!

Amy E said...

Wow Bridget, your room is really coming along!! Cant' wait to see your new furniture, although just like you said, I an't figure out how you're going to fit it all in there!! But $500 for all that is a crazy good deal!

Oh, and the desk you saw is actually in my craft room, but as messy as it is, I may as well be crafting in my kitchen! haha!

Happy WOYWW!
Amy E. #3

Elizabeth said...

Wow, Bridget! That is one seriously big craft room. Hope you get straightened out soon so that you can get on with some crafting again. I've been soup making too, it's that time of year here :) Hope you have a great week. Elizabeth x #78

Anonymous said...

What a huge space! What fun it will be decorating it with your own art.
Big enough also for family gatherings?
The story about why it takes 2 hours to move a cupboard is very recognizable!
Happy WOYWW!
Debbie / Daqa #25